Monday, 22 December 2014

Battle Reports out the Whazoo!!!

It has been a mad few days behind the camera squeezing in a few battle reports. We have managed to getin games of Bolt Action, 30k and another "What if?" 30k vs 40k game.

Just incase you don't follow us on Facebook or YOU TUBE here they are.



Friday, 19 December 2014

SPEED PAINTING - US Army 28mm Warlord Games Plastics

G'day all,

DISCLAIMER - by no means am I a pro-painter. I am way to impatient to spend the time improving my skills. Due to not being able to stand running my minis on a table unpainted I am usually pretty good at finding a quick, functional and reasonable way of getting minis to a playable standard - FAST.

Here is how I smashed out 1000 points of US Army (about 45 men) for Bolt Action in 1 day and 2 night sessions (16 hours total).

Please excuse the phone pictures (I will make sure that I make an effort to give clearer pictures next time).

Step 1: Assemble, super glue sand to base and then once glue dry - undercoat/prime with Tan spray (I used a Tamiya brand paint form the local toy store).

Step 2: Brown Pants

Step 3: Green Helmet

Step 4: Light Green webbing/packs etc

Step 5: Skin

Step 6: Dark Brown rifle

Step 7: Metal working parts

Step 8: Dark Brown Base

Step 9: Liberal all over wash (inc base). Dont forget to use a clean brush to remove any major excess if it occurs.

Step 10: Drybrush base and any tan parts of uniform that are too dark.

Thats it!!! I worked on a squad at a time as to not get too bored. I have about 3 more squads to finish for my second Platoon. Once done the bases will get some add flare in the way of leaves, flocks and grass tufts.

I hope this gets some of you motivated - you too can help end the grey plastic plague :)

Friday, 12 December 2014

The Horus Invitational - More Great Pictures!!!

We finally got a hold of our mate Strutty who attended the Horus Invitational that was held back in September.

It was a classy affair - heaps of info can be found here - HORUS INVITATIONAL

In the mean time here are a few pics and a link to the whole album! - LINK


Sunday, 7 December 2014

Emperor's Children & Daemons vs The Sons of Kouretes

Hi guys,

I played a game this weekend with my Mechanicum Myrmidon Cult, THE SONS OF KOURETES against an Emperors Children army mixed in with Slaanesh Daemons.

I've done up a narrative battle report here!

Here's some taster pics:

It was a great game, and exactly the kind of awesome battle I've dreamed about since V2!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Chazz and his Bolt Action

Having seen Ty's recent forays into Bolt Action I couldn't help but get involved. Being a history teacher in training I'm surprised I haven't found myself delving into Bolt Action previously. I guess all it takes is watching a mate have a blast and then feeling the urge to outdo them.

I've started off relatively simply with the Assault on Normandy starter set, which is an amazing deal. The rulebook, 40 miniatures, dice AND a little bit of terrain all for just over $100. Warlord games is also currently having a Christmas sale so it's the perfect time to get on board this awesome game system. I also picked up a Panzer IV and Sherman M4A3 (I think...). Cause tanks are rad.

After some quick research and a lot of help from the amazing community that surrounds Bolt Action (which can be found easily on Facebook) it became clear that one of the best things about collecting WW2 miniatures is that there are so many options out there. Black Tree Designs, Artizan Designs and Rubicon Models (amazing plastic tanks) are a really good start to look into.

I've got a few games under my belt already with some people I've met through the awesome FB group who were happy to lend me an army to start rolling some dice. Simple to master but with a shed tonne of depth, the tabletop game is lots of fun to play. Above are some British that I actually managed to get a draw with, even after artillerying (it's now a word) the hell out of my own troops. When playing with some American troops I also managed to strafe my own line with a couple of fighter planes. I found out later that this was historically pretty accurate, so I'm ok with it. 

I've started by painting up some Germans from the starter set to a tabletop standard I'm happy with for my first try. Great models to put together, with a bunch of options for poses and customisation. I really love working with historical miniatures (I'm usually a 40k man) as everything from the rifle they carry to the way their webbing is painted takes that extra bit of thought and research. I spent hours researching and cross checking a colour scheme before putting paint to models. The potential to theme armies to theater, time frame and even individual units within WW2 is a big draw for me and the possibilities are endless.

I'm going to have a crack at the Panzer IV next, which means breaking out the airbrush for the first time in a while. Turns out that from about 1942 onward German tanks were generally variants of yellow (base) with brown and green camouflage, on the Western European front at least. Wooo! History!

Until next time, keep the dice rolling,


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Imperial Fists Stone Gauntlet vs Ordo Reductor Mechanicum - Narrative Battle Report

Hi Guys,

Michael and I played another game in our ongoing rivalry last weekend. I've written up a narrative battle report you can check out here!

Here's some taster pics:

I've painted a bunch of new models in the last few months, It's almost time for an expanded Mechanicum Tactica I think!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Army Showcase - 30k Iron Warriors - David

Please enjoy the 3rd Iron Warriors army we have been lucky enough to snap pics and footage of from out 30k charity event held on 27 September.

David is one of our Brisbane mates and bloggers here on TTH. Feel free to drop him some comments below or hit him up on our Facebook page if you want more info about his army.



Monday, 6 October 2014

Horus Invitational, Battle Reports!

Hey guys,

Had some awesome games at the Horus Invitational Charity Event last weekend.

As usual I've done some narrative battle reports for my games. 

It was a really awesome event, congratulations to all involved!


Thursday, 2 October 2014

Army Showcase - Death Guard - Macca " A Galaxy in Flames"

The AGIF lads are nice enough that they even have a fully painted army on stand by to teach newcomers all about 30k.

The Death Guard army before you was an army put together by Macca a few years ago while putting himself through a heap of new techniques and practice. This army has recently been relocated to Townsville and is looked after by Mick and Mitch.

He will disagree - but we still think these look pretty bloody good.

Have a look and you be the judge!

Go and check out some of Macca's more recent projects and tutorials on the AGIF blog.

This 1000 point selection was used at the Horus Invitational on 27 September.



Army Showcase - Dark Mechanicum - Mick "A Galaxy in Flames"

Very happy to showcase these bad boys.

Our mate Mick from A Galaxy in Flames was kind enough to remain a little dusty the day after our recent big event and give me time to snap some pics and footage of this really nice army.

Mick was also the Overall winner of our recent charity event The Horus Invitational.

Please enjoy having a gander and head on over to Mick's blog to see these guys when they were a WIP.


Cheers again!