Sunday, 16 March 2014

Head Quarters: World Eaters Praetor...

This is my first attempt at an infantry figure. Being that he was already assembled I found it a bit of a pain to paint as the shield (Combat Shield 30k or Storm Shield 40k) was in the way. That said I took the opportunity to play with some decal softener for the first time and liked how it turned out. I used a few roman numerals from the Marine vehicle transfer sheet to have it display the number 12 to correspond with the World Eaters Legion.

I had a few dramas throwing a tactical sign on the empty pad even with the softener, but managed to cover it up with some over the top sponging. The other shoulder that would have the Legion sign is covered in detail so I was able to get away with that one.

The rest of the infantry (Less Terminators) have the Forge World resin Legion pads, but decals will still be required on the opposite - looks like I will be investigating methods to get a smooth decal on the curved surface.

Back onto the HQ mini.

There are a few pics below showing his base coated and ready to be dirtied up and then one of him about 90% done.

I want to do more to the base to give it a more sandstone look as it looks too fake at the moment. Will see how we go.

For the time being enjoy my first crack. I am hoping to get better from here and look to adding some blood too (but not till I practice on a few not 30k minis first).