Saturday, 15 March 2014

It has begun...

Greetings. I have decided to dust of an old blog of mine and give it a fresh start. I have been struggling lately to get motivated to put brush to mini and thought that this medium may aid me in my current conquest.

3500 Points of 30k World Eaters.

These were a chance acquisition from the hands of a great mate of mine here in the North (I must admit they came pre assembled but to a very high standard), but I am very happy as the World Eaters Legion appeals to me in that a quick assault up the guts is usually the tactic of the day for these lads and their small vocabulary consisting of "Kill, Maim, Burn" meant that I would not have to communicate much when playing against other Legions and their Commanders!

Anyways... Here is the project and what I have to get painted over the coming months.

I am using this as a learning experience. I am very lucky to be great mates with the talented lads over at A GALAXY IN FLAMES and am also very lucky to grab inspiration from another mate over at THE PAINTING BUNKER. This band of painters has a lot of current and upcoming skill. I will be gaining as much advice of the lot of them as I can and will post up my efforts as they occur.

As you can see there are a lot of minis to get done. I have already begun playing with an air brush and have finished the Vindicator as a tester, before moving onto the Raiders.

I am hoping to have 1000 points done in time for the upcoming ANZAC Cup being hosted by my gaming group WW40k Australia for the illustrious Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association. This is a charity event to be held in Brisbane over the dates 12/13 April 2014. To get involved head on over to the ADFWGA website and grab the players pack (40k, WHFB and FOW).

Cheers for now.

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