Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tactical Marines........ The First Ten and the Eve of Battle.

After a hard slog today I finally have the first ten Tactical Marines good to go for a 1000 Point 30k game against my good mate Keepy from A GALAXY IN FLAMES.

I must admit I am being a little dodgy and only running one troops choice tomorrow, but being that I am up against Keepy's Mechanicum Army I am pretty sure it wont matter at these points.

I will take heaps of pics of our game tomorrow down at WW40k Australia HQ in Townsville Queensland and upload a bit of a battle report so you can all chuckle at the World Eaters getting shot apart by robots :)

I have thirty more Tactical Marines all inked up done In white ready for colour, but will not get to them until next week.

In lieu of having more Marines on the field and to ensure that I had the required 1000 Points for tomorrow I quickly splashed some colour on and repainted a dodgy Autocannon Contemptor that I had lying around. I call him Hunchy as it looks like he is shooting the dirt hunched over.

Either way win or lose It will be fun tomorrow to see to fully painted 30k armies roll some dice.

Good luck Keepy and may the sexier man win.

Oh yeah.... I added some grass to the bases. I am happy with it and it will stay me thinks.

Cheers and good gaming


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