Monday, 24 March 2014

Terminators and lessons learn't...

Finished. That said these models were a hard slog.

I forgot how much I dislike batch painting even though it is the most efficent way. Even painting while watching Arnie barely motivated me last night to puch through. That said its done now and I pretty happy.

I think that I will maintain the inital colouring and shading in squad size batches, but then shift to doing three at a time to dirty them up and finishing to give me a little reward by seeing a few minis fully finished each day or two.

I am on track to having a 1000 Points done in time for International Tabletop day (Apr 5) and the 30k demo that myself and my mate Keepy from A GALAXY IN FLAMES will be putting on for the lads here is Townsville.

As for the minis themselves - I am going to try and find some easier ways to get the sponging done as I am all thumbs at the moment - even with tweezers - and think that its a bit heavy.

Practise will hopefully fix it.

I might add some little weeds or tuffs of grass to the bases. Will wait and see.




  1. Looking great so far!!!! We should get some games in when you're down for Anzac..