Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Always time to paint :)

Just a quick one.

Am away with work for a few days and have the evenings to myself. I figured what better way to use that time then getting a few minis done.

In have opted to get some Lascannons done to give me an anti tank choice. Should have them done tomorrow.

Next..... Butchers or Tactical marines?

You decide.

Comment below.


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Battle Report 5 - 30k Word Eaters vs 40k Tau Empire

Attended the casual gaming meet at WW40k HQ today and was hit up for a quick game by one of our regulars - Eamon.

All I happened to have on hand was my World Eaters and him his 40k Tau....

So this happened.

As you can see from the pics below it was only a small game, but thanks to Eamon fielding a nice Tau list - compared to what we all know that Dex is capable of; it was a fun and quick and dirty game.

Have a watch. Sorry about the background noise, but other games were in progress and the kids running about :)



P.S. - Dean Vincent - Necrons are next. Time to come out of retirement.. even for just one game :)

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Battle Report 4.5 - Warhammer 30k - World Eaters vs Alpha Legion

In a word the new Alpha Legion rules are - Balls................

Balls good and fun at the same time - damn you! the ability to infiltrate and the "Power shanks" aka knives are funny as hell.

Ben and myself had a game last night and decided to record it at home to take advantage of all the painted 40k Marines on hand to help him "proxy" and work out where he should focus his efforts with the assembly and painting of his real Alpha Legion 30k Marines.

The game itself was fun but as usual there were a few "curse the dice gods" moments.

Give it a watch and see.

Also don't forget to comment on the video or below to help us in naming these awful in game moments for the future.

Ben has promised me we shall see some real Alpha Legion soon!

Oh yeah there are also links at the bottom of the video on You Tube for the 2 x 40k Marine armies that the models came from in the report. They are up for sale with some of the profits going to help us help charity.