Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Blue Marines.... the Anzac Cup and International Tabletop Day.

I had a few trial Ultramarines laying around that were 3/4 painted prior o getting my hands on this awesome World Eaters army.

Rather than bugger around stripping them I opted to bunging on some brass and white to make them fit in with the models I have already done and found some similar bases that I has in my bits box. I will throw some grass on them and dull down the bases a bit tonight to make them fit in a bit better with the World Eaters finished to date.

I havent had much time to paint this week due to conducting prepartation for the Anzac Cup so figured I would get these to a standard that I can throw them onto the table to bolster what is good to go, while the rest of the World Eaters await my return.

I am also running a few games of 30k alongside some other systems (Namely Flames and possibly Infinity) this Saturday here in Townsville QLD at WW40k Australia HQ to take part in the International Tabletop day celibrations.

If Keepy from A Galaxy in Flames is keen we might even crack out another quick Battle Report.

To get updates and see photos as the occur of how the Anzac Cup is progressing get onto the ADf Wargaming Association and WW40k Facebook pages.

WW40k Facebook

Cheers and good gaming


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