Saturday, 31 May 2014

Imperial Fists spartan.

Hi guys, Michael here with my first post on the Traitors Hand. As the title may have given away I've just finished my Spartan at last! So I thought I might share a few pictures and thoughts on the mighty Spartan.
Firstly putting the model itself was quiet a challenge, if your thinking of making your first foray into working with expensive, complicated resin, this kit is not the one to start with! The kit, while not being overly complex needed a lot of sanding to go together nice and flush with out leaving massive obvious gaps on the seems of the hull that would need lots of filling. I used a belt sander to get everything nice and straight along with a heat gun to get the best fit. The belt sander and heat gun I've found are essential for any kind of large resin project. The hardest part of the kit for me was the tracks, they are easy to break and hard to fit. I rushed into putting the tracks on with out any research and found I hadn't fitted them properly and ended up having to cut links out to make them fit. I'm not 100% happy with the tracks, but I'll nail it next time!
On every project I like to try a new technique or method, I choose Imperial Fists because I couldn't paint yellow! The major thing I wanted to try was pigment on the track to look like Martian soil. I did a bit of research and found one way to get the look I was after was alcohol mixed with pigment and a little varnish to get the pigment to dry hard and stick to the model. I used the forge world rust pigment mixed with isocol and clear floor polish to make a mud like texture that got into the track and clung to it like soil and dust.
Now on to the important stuff, crushing my enemies with the Spartan! In my mind this is the best assault vehicle in 30k. The Spartan if you're not already aware is A14 all round with 5 hull points, it can carry 25 models and is also an assault vehicle. If that isn't impressive enough the vehicle options are excellent as well. The flare shields reduce the strength of shooting at the front of the tank by 1 or 2 if it's a blast or template (except for D weapons) and the armoured ceramite ignores the extra D6 from melta weapons at half range. All this adds up to a very hardy tank on the battle field that can reliably deliver a squad of 10 terminators and 2 independent characters in terminator armour to where you need it most.
While being super hardy there are a few good ways to counter this beast. Melta bombs, since they don't have the melta rule but the armour bane rule which means they still get 2D6 armour pen against armoured ceramite hulls and the good old chainfist equipped terminator squad will carve one apart.
 Well that's it form me for now, I hope you enjoyed my first post on the Traitors hand!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Reinforcements: Red Butchers and 4000 Points

Im in a really good mood tonight. Just crossed over 4000 Points of Painted and good to go World Eaters. Granted I am lying to myself a little and have maxed out on most upgrades, but none the less I am pretty chuffed.

Here is where we are at right now:

1x Terminator Praetor/Centurion
1x Librarian
1x Power Armour Praetor/Centurion
1x Master of Signals

2x 20 Man Tactical Squads with Medics
1x 10 Man Tactical Support Squad with Volkites in a Rhino
(Note - weapons are magnetised, current loadout is for 40k Chaos Marines)

8x Cataphractii Terminators
10 x Red Butchers

1x Autocannon Mortis Contemptor

1x Assault Cannon Mortis Contemptor

1x Spartan
1x Land Raider
1x Vindicator
1x Predator
1x 5 Man Lascannon Squad

79 Infantry, 2 Dreads, 5 Vehicles.

The question is whats next???

I still have a lot on the bench assembled ready for painting but next of the rank is the man himself Angron. I am attending an event next weekend and need him good to go to stand in as a Chaos Lord.

On return from Forgefest (1850 point 40k event in Rockhampton QLD Australia) I am pretty keen to get stuck into the another Land Raider and some Assault Marines.

Thats all for now Enjoy the pics of the Eaters as they stand at the moment on our re-sprayed Realm of Battle Board.

Cheers and good gaming


Monday, 26 May 2014


Time for some TAGHMATA TALK™. Specifically as to how the 7th Edition rules will apply to the mighty forces of Mechanicum.

Now I haven't actually played a single game of 7th yet, so I'm giving my predictions here. In a week or so after I've played some games I'll do another post detailing anything I think has had a major impact on the game. I've gone through the rulebook and haven't really found a single smoking gun in terms of THIS GAME IS NOW UNPLAYABLE /RAGEQUIT, but there are a few subtle changes and improvements. I'll also intersperse this with some super poor quality photos from our 2000pt game on the weekend.

'Yeah I'm not sure when I'll be home darling, the Imperial Fists are fighting some battle robots right outside my building.. They've probably closed the Mag-Lev station.'

Psychic Phase. For some reason GW decided to implement a psychic phase which is reminiscent of the 2-editions old magic phase from Warhammer Fantasy. Instead of going for the current version of the magic phase, or even better: going back to the card system from 2nd Edition. They went with a super-abuseable system which will either work really well when you're spamming loads of powers, or, hardly work at all if you just take a single psyker. This of course matters not to the Mechanicum, as we have no psykers (yet). In terms of the greater 30K meta however, I'm sure Word Bearers are rubbing their grimy hands together in glee.

Vehicles. The vehicle chart has changed! No more EXPLODES! results on a 4+ with AP1 weaponry. I must admit I felt pretty guilty on the weekend when I killed Michael's brand spanking newly painted Spartan Assault Tank with a single melta bomb. The change to this table brings vehicles more in line with buildings I guess, except they can still be glanced to death, and when they explode they still only do a STR4 hit to everyone inside. Damnit! I was hoping they'd change it to something more substantial, as Astartes always seem to just jump out of vehicles unscathed. I guess if you changed it to 2D6 Str6 hits you'd be condemning every other race to fiery Kursk-style vehicle graves. 

The other change is Ramming. You now don't get the bonus for every 3" moved, and your ram strength is whatever facing's armour value, halved, and +1 for being a tank, and +1 for being heavy or super heavy. This is pretty great as it means you can just crush over a Rhino with a 1 inch start, and keep going as long as you demolish it, much like at a monster truck rally.

Slight buff to Mechanicum Land Raiders, and a major buff to the imminent Triaros Armoured Conveyor, which with it's effective front AV15 during rams (halved rounded up to 8+1(tank) for STR9 is the highest for a non heavy in the game!! RAMMING SPEED! (Note: speed is no longer a factor in rams.)

Probably overall heavy expensive vehicles are going to be even better. Consider what it will now take to kill a Land Raider with a single shot from a lascannon. 3+ to hit, 6+ to penetrate, then 6+ to destroy it.

Dorn's Thin Yellow Line..

Changes to Victory Conditions. So all units in a battle forged list are scoring now. Wow! Well at the moment there's basically only Thallax and Castellax and Adsecularis Tech-Thralls, who are all scoring anyway. However, Myrmidons might be the wild card here. A handful of Myrmidon Destructors with Irradiation Engines will be excellent objective-clearers, and can now simply walk onto an objective as the enemy lie on the ground dying of rad-phage. Vorax Class Battle-Automata should be pretty great too, being able to outflank they can easily overpower most objective sitters (read: most units) and farm them for VPs. 

Actually all units being able to score brings me to an important point: Won't this just mean people will take minimum Troops from now on and max out on harsh assault troops, knowing that they can simply blow away enemy Troops and seize the objectives anyway? Troops being able to steal an objective only really works if you're sure you can run up to an objective in the last turn of the game and not simply be assaulted and destroyed by whatever is holding the objective in the first place? And even this doesn't really work once an enemy Elite unit has been farming VPs from an objective all game?

I guess I'm just not entirely sure how this new objective farming is going to play out. It would seem from first inspection the game will become more static, with units camped on objectives unwilling to leave them as they might draw the right card that turn.. I guess we'll find out next post!


Changes to Force Organisation. Well none of this applies as 30K has its own Force Org charts, and none of them are UNBOUND! Although an ALL GAL VORBAK army does sound pretty fun.

Changes to Warlords. Ok so the new Warlord Trait Tables. So I know most people playing 30k roll either on the Astartes table, or if they're playing Mechanicum, the Mechanicum table, however you can also choose to roll on the rulebook tables, and these have changed quite a bit (for the better) there is also a change in that if you're playing a battle forged force you get a re-roll on whichever Warlord Trait Table you're using. Overall I think they've really cleaned up this part of the game and made the Warlord Tables way more viable and exciting. How often have you rolled the 'Counter Attack in your own deployment' power when you're running an all-out assault force? Or '+1 to Reserves rolls' when you have no reserves? No problem, just re-roll! There's generally only one dud power per table, and the re-roll mitigates this. 

Now, I use a combat Arch Magos and I've been using the Mechanicum table up until now. With the changes to the rulebook tables, I'll be switching over to 'Personal Traits'. Almost every result is pure gold. Furious Charge, Counter Attack are no longer only in your or the enemy's deployment zones. Fearless & It Will Not Die, Feel No Pain are just awesome buffs for any character, and the only one I don't really need, Outflank (as my warlord already has a Jet Pack and so can deep strike) I can re-roll if it comes up! 

The Tactical Traits have a bunch of results which change how you interact with the Tactical Objectives Deck and I would venture that after a few games, most people will switch over to that table, as it will help when farming VPs and pave the way to victory.

Strategic and Command Traits have also been improved, I play a combat HQ at the moment however so I'll leave these ones for someone else to explain. In terms of a Mechanicum force, I think that the Mechanicum table is probably better than Command and Strategic. So in summary I'd rate the tables: 1. Personal (if you have a combat Archmagos) 2. Mechanicum 3. Strategic 4. Command.

SPARTAN INBOUND! Just wait until Michael puts up good pictures of this monster!

Changes to Allies. So I'll only comment on Battle Brothers allies here as I feel they're the only real alliance anyone should be using. You can now embark on BB's transports! Holy Mother of Kazan, this is awesome. I've got some Iron Hands I'm painting up and suddenly the options have multiplied! An Iron Hands Forge-Lord leading a unit of Myrmidons, mounted in a Spartan??? NARRATIVE FORGED! 

'To break the Hereteks of the Varpil-Hex Sect at Yrthos, Forgelord Gorgos Soth led bloodsworn Myrmidons of the Brotherhood of Liquidation in an intrusion raid into the enemy primary plasma relay core. Using a durable Flare Shielded Legion Spartan drawn from the Iron Hands armoury they were able to crush through the Heretek lines and use their combined tech-knowledge to shut down the Sects continental auto-defence grid.'

You can also apply re-rolls for reserves from one BB's force to another. A small Astarte force cowering behind an Aegis Line with a Comms Unit, calling in help from the Ordo Reductor sounds like a great narrative too!

Changes to Characters. Maybe I'm losing my mind or maybe this 981 page E-Book is hard to navigate and search on, but do Independant Characters no longer have 'Precision Shots'? If they don't then that would be a slight nerf to the Myrmidax Arcana for Magos Primes (they do precision shots on a 5+), if someone can find an answer to this let me know!

So there we go, not really that many changes to the Taghmata list. No real nerfs to the Mechanicum, and only some minor buffs and streamlining. It's interesting that on the normal 40k forums there is endless doom and glooming, GW has done nothing to reign in Eldar-Bro battle teams, although they have squashed the worst of the Tau-Dar I guess. But who cares man? Aliens? Bah, we've already destroyed all of them in the Great Crusade, Tau and Eldar will be a problem for future generations. Maybe if they had the Mechanicus in the future, these filthy Xenos wouldn't be running rampant...

Anyway comment and tell me I'm wrong if you don't agree with any of this!

On a personal note, Australia Post (or whoever) lost my package of 9 Myrmidons and a Castellax with Power Blades, so I'm waiting for them to send me another. I've been painting up some fortifications and other models I've got in order to make 2500 for Inferno in June! Is anyone reading this also playing that tournament? Hope you're on the Loyalist side!!

++the flesh is weak++

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Reinforcements: Tactical Squad and Contemptor - also Battle Report 9

Gday all,

A quick update as a minute here is a minute away from the paint brush!

I played a game vs Orks yesterday against another mate- Peps. It was good fun with heaps of minis on each side at 2350 points. In order to make sure I had enough boltguns to be up to the task I had to crack out another 20 man Tactical Squad to ensure that I wast overrun by the green horde.

Having points to go I had heard good things about twin assault cannons on a mortis contemptor so painted this bad boy up too. He was doing very well until he discovered what an ork deffraolla can do :(

Apart from the possibility of recording some games at an upcoming 40k event in Rockhampton being run by our mates at Forging the Narrative this will have been my last 6th Edition game. I cannot wait for next weekend to hopefully see some good fixes for the flaws that exist in the current edition. Who knows maybe that's why we are seeing an earlier than usual release - maybe the developers are finally listening. One can hope.

Sit back, grab a beer and get watching. Cheers and good gaming


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Got Mechanicum...

Hi guys,

Thought I'd drop some text in here to introduce myself. I've been playing 40k/Fantasy since the late 90's, and have mostly been playing WHFB for the last few years. When 6th Edition came out I quickly dusted off my Necron force and updated it and have had quite a bit of fun with it. I really like the new background, and as far as I'm concerned, mobility is key to winning games, and no army can move and manoeuvre like a Necron force.

In any case, when 30k dropped, I was FINALLY able to embrace the army I'd pining over since Codex Imperialis. The Mechanicus. Or more accurately, the Mechanicum, the predecessor of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Background wise, Forgeworld have really out done themselves. Thallax: Brains and nervous systems attached to a powerful robotic body. Castellax: Vestigial animal brains, synchronised with powerful robot chassis. Tech-Thralls: Mind wiped drudge-soldiers, and reanimated corpse-warriors. Myrmidons: Ordained Tech-Priests devoted to warcraft, and destruction (these guys were also my favourite thing in Dark Heresy). So great!!

As soon as I read the background for the Ordo Reductor, I was hooked. In Extermination we find the most information about the Ordo Reductor so far, in this small but potent fragment:

Mendicant order of Tech-Priests devoted
to the arts of siege craft, demolition
and mass destruction

The Ordo Reductor is essentially nomadic,
gravitating to areas of intense warfare, but
maintains links to major Forge Worlds for
resupply and support

How can you go past that! You can imagine them turning up in a warzone after an Expedition Fleet has encountered defences they can't penetrate. Pushing in system and unleashing a hell which would give even the Astartes pause. Maybe salvaging weapons and ammunition before heading off to the next theatre.

At the moment I have around 2000 points of painted Ordo Reductor themed miniatures. I'm literally waiting on a shipment of Myrmidons so I can push 2500! I'll be playing in the Horus Heresy Inferno Tournament here in Brisbane (at the Mt Gravatt Battle Bunker) in exactly a month's time and I'll be sure to have pics of my army, and a full pictorial review of the tournament straight after it happens!

In the mean time here's the brutal siege tank I've been working on for the last few weeks:

In the long run, it looks like this blog has equal numbers Traitors and Loyalists, and I'm sure our fearless leader Ty has some plans for a bunch of mega-games using all of our resources!

Stay tuned,


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Reinforcements - Predator

I have been a busy little bee this morning.

I have been playing with tape and the airbrush and have managed to pull off another win that i am happy with.

This Predator should add in a nice low points Heavy choice into the army that will be able to annoy units and light armour.

There is no WE icons on this one as my FW transfer sheet is still enroute from the UK. I am hoping to receive it and some brass etch this week.



Battle Report 8 - 30k World Eaters vs 40k Necrons

A big welcome back to our mate Dean who has come out of retirement to have a game and laugh.

Dean is one of our better players up here in North Queensland and has been on the Necron train since they came out with their first book way back when the Imperuim was still young.

Anyways - the Batrep video below is another in our Experimental games to see how the 30k units fair against some of the OTT 40k shenanigans out there. This game was no exception.

That said there were some horrific moments on both sides and some situations even Hollywood could not write into a script.

Watch the video to see what happens.

Here is a recap:

1. Both armies fail to kill anything turn 1 - even with bulk Lascannon fire on target and a Demolisher hit = WTF???

2. The Master of Signals brings the rain and makes the teleporting Crons cry.

3. Plenty of Mindshakle Shenanigans - until the Lord gets Sparta Kicked in the face.

4. That bloody Cron flyers deathray of killiness and the number of bodies it racks up.

5. Last but not least a massive assortment of failed assaults on both sides - but the funniest is a 4 inch charge onto the Land Raider failed two turns in a row by the Barge Lord - hahaha!


Cheers and good gaming.