Saturday, 10 May 2014

Army Update - World Eaters

I finally have an army that I can play with in bigger games = HOORAY!!!

I put in a monster session this morning after a hard night on the turps and smashed out the Spartan in time for a game versus my mate Dean and his cheese-crons to see how the 30k book would fair.

More on that tomorrow when the Batrep is uploaded - I didnt get as crushed as I thought and still hold the same opinion of the Necron dex post game :(

In the mean time enjoy the Spartan. I am learning heaps all the time and think that this is the best of the vehicles so far.

I tried my hand at taping and spraying stripes for the first time and had fun doing it. I have also been enjoying using some powders while the oils are still a little wet to attract the grime and texture into the crevices like grease and am happy with the outcome.

The whole army at this point (minus those blue stand in Marines that I have) is about the 2500 mark.

I have just put the initial shading on 20 MK4 Tactical Marines and 10 Butchers and also have an Assault cannon wielding Contemptor on the bench all sprayed and ready for colouring.

That will do for now. Dont forget to click through the pics.

Cheers and good gaming


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