Saturday, 3 May 2014

Battle Report 6 - Eaters vs Grey Knights

Our 6th report and we finally have a dedicated place to record and play. By which I mean I have actually cleaned up my garage and hooked up the portable Air Conditioner (Its usually hot up here in North Queensland).

We even had a peanut gallery to watch me both loose through Army choice and get decimated by my awesome roll :(

This game reminded me on how much I dont enjoy Divination Powers. Damn re-rolls.

Either way Ben and I had fun as always.

There is some swearing in this one so please watch at your own risk.

Necrons or Orks are next cab off the rank as Ben is still assembling his Alpha Legion and our mates at AGIF (Namely Mick and Mitch) up here in Townsville don't have armies painted yet - but are working on it.

Anyways it is Starwars Day so I am off to host a massive Xwing game. Last count was about 150 ships.

Keep an eye on the WW40k You Tube Channel to see how all of that turned out later tonight.

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