Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Battle Report 7 - 30k World Eaters vs 40k Imperial Fists

Another one of our 30k vs 40k games as we make our way through the codexes while the rest of the Townsville crew pull their fingers out and get their 30k legions painted.

Cough cough - Mitch Mick Ben -  end cough.

Anyways - this game was by far the most fun so far. Spraggy the Imperial Fists General is not only a good player but always a pleasure to play against as we see eye to eye on our favourite things to do with this hobby of ours.

Spraggy has been sucked into the 30k trains wake and will be beginning to get a Legion together in the near future.

Next cab of the rank will be Necrons and or Orks over the weekend.

As for the painting front - I am expecting to get some paint onto a few vehicles tomorrow and hope to have at least one of them ready for games this weekend to begin increasing the Eaters games to a regular 1750 or 2000 points.

Enjoy for now.

Cheers and good gaming


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