Saturday, 10 May 2014

Battle Report 8 - 30k World Eaters vs 40k Necrons

A big welcome back to our mate Dean who has come out of retirement to have a game and laugh.

Dean is one of our better players up here in North Queensland and has been on the Necron train since they came out with their first book way back when the Imperuim was still young.

Anyways - the Batrep video below is another in our Experimental games to see how the 30k units fair against some of the OTT 40k shenanigans out there. This game was no exception.

That said there were some horrific moments on both sides and some situations even Hollywood could not write into a script.

Watch the video to see what happens.

Here is a recap:

1. Both armies fail to kill anything turn 1 - even with bulk Lascannon fire on target and a Demolisher hit = WTF???

2. The Master of Signals brings the rain and makes the teleporting Crons cry.

3. Plenty of Mindshakle Shenanigans - until the Lord gets Sparta Kicked in the face.

4. That bloody Cron flyers deathray of killiness and the number of bodies it racks up.

5. Last but not least a massive assortment of failed assaults on both sides - but the funniest is a 4 inch charge onto the Land Raider failed two turns in a row by the Barge Lord - hahaha!


Cheers and good gaming.


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