Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Got Mechanicum...

Hi guys,

Thought I'd drop some text in here to introduce myself. I've been playing 40k/Fantasy since the late 90's, and have mostly been playing WHFB for the last few years. When 6th Edition came out I quickly dusted off my Necron force and updated it and have had quite a bit of fun with it. I really like the new background, and as far as I'm concerned, mobility is key to winning games, and no army can move and manoeuvre like a Necron force.

In any case, when 30k dropped, I was FINALLY able to embrace the army I'd pining over since Codex Imperialis. The Mechanicus. Or more accurately, the Mechanicum, the predecessor of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Background wise, Forgeworld have really out done themselves. Thallax: Brains and nervous systems attached to a powerful robotic body. Castellax: Vestigial animal brains, synchronised with powerful robot chassis. Tech-Thralls: Mind wiped drudge-soldiers, and reanimated corpse-warriors. Myrmidons: Ordained Tech-Priests devoted to warcraft, and destruction (these guys were also my favourite thing in Dark Heresy). So great!!

As soon as I read the background for the Ordo Reductor, I was hooked. In Extermination we find the most information about the Ordo Reductor so far, in this small but potent fragment:

Mendicant order of Tech-Priests devoted
to the arts of siege craft, demolition
and mass destruction

The Ordo Reductor is essentially nomadic,
gravitating to areas of intense warfare, but
maintains links to major Forge Worlds for
resupply and support

How can you go past that! You can imagine them turning up in a warzone after an Expedition Fleet has encountered defences they can't penetrate. Pushing in system and unleashing a hell which would give even the Astartes pause. Maybe salvaging weapons and ammunition before heading off to the next theatre.

At the moment I have around 2000 points of painted Ordo Reductor themed miniatures. I'm literally waiting on a shipment of Myrmidons so I can push 2500! I'll be playing in the Horus Heresy Inferno Tournament here in Brisbane (at the Mt Gravatt Battle Bunker) in exactly a month's time and I'll be sure to have pics of my army, and a full pictorial review of the tournament straight after it happens!

In the mean time here's the brutal siege tank I've been working on for the last few weeks:

In the long run, it looks like this blog has equal numbers Traitors and Loyalists, and I'm sure our fearless leader Ty has some plans for a bunch of mega-games using all of our resources!

Stay tuned,


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