Saturday, 31 May 2014

Imperial Fists spartan.

Hi guys, Michael here with my first post on the Traitors Hand. As the title may have given away I've just finished my Spartan at last! So I thought I might share a few pictures and thoughts on the mighty Spartan.
Firstly putting the model itself was quiet a challenge, if your thinking of making your first foray into working with expensive, complicated resin, this kit is not the one to start with! The kit, while not being overly complex needed a lot of sanding to go together nice and flush with out leaving massive obvious gaps on the seems of the hull that would need lots of filling. I used a belt sander to get everything nice and straight along with a heat gun to get the best fit. The belt sander and heat gun I've found are essential for any kind of large resin project. The hardest part of the kit for me was the tracks, they are easy to break and hard to fit. I rushed into putting the tracks on with out any research and found I hadn't fitted them properly and ended up having to cut links out to make them fit. I'm not 100% happy with the tracks, but I'll nail it next time!
On every project I like to try a new technique or method, I choose Imperial Fists because I couldn't paint yellow! The major thing I wanted to try was pigment on the track to look like Martian soil. I did a bit of research and found one way to get the look I was after was alcohol mixed with pigment and a little varnish to get the pigment to dry hard and stick to the model. I used the forge world rust pigment mixed with isocol and clear floor polish to make a mud like texture that got into the track and clung to it like soil and dust.
Now on to the important stuff, crushing my enemies with the Spartan! In my mind this is the best assault vehicle in 30k. The Spartan if you're not already aware is A14 all round with 5 hull points, it can carry 25 models and is also an assault vehicle. If that isn't impressive enough the vehicle options are excellent as well. The flare shields reduce the strength of shooting at the front of the tank by 1 or 2 if it's a blast or template (except for D weapons) and the armoured ceramite ignores the extra D6 from melta weapons at half range. All this adds up to a very hardy tank on the battle field that can reliably deliver a squad of 10 terminators and 2 independent characters in terminator armour to where you need it most.
While being super hardy there are a few good ways to counter this beast. Melta bombs, since they don't have the melta rule but the armour bane rule which means they still get 2D6 armour pen against armoured ceramite hulls and the good old chainfist equipped terminator squad will carve one apart.
 Well that's it form me for now, I hope you enjoyed my first post on the Traitors hand!


  1. Looks great but you guys need a BA player ;)

    So you guys doing the next inferno tournament

    1. Thanks Taron, I was getting my army ready to play at inferno but unfortunately I'll be away that weekend.
      Tim will be playing with his mechanicum force at inferno, if you haven't seen his stuff already check out his posts on the traitors hand.

  2. Fantastic! The weathering looks great.