Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Reinforcements - Master of Signals

Had a chat with 30k fanatic Macca from A Galaxy In Flames tonight to ask about Techmarine colours of the 30k day.




After a few minutes of too and fro I decided on Legion Colours with a Red Helmet.

The end result.............. I painted a Master of Signals up instead as like Homer Simpson I have a short attention span and get side tracked pretty easy.

Of course it has nothing to do with the D3 Ordinance templates the sucker can drop and the fact that I am playing another 30k on 40k game against Necrons in our little experiment to see how the HH books fare against a range of dexes this weekend does it???

On a painting note - I am struggling with sponging these guys as they are for the most part already put together.

Does anybody have tips on methods of getting into those hard to reach places that are not time consuming?

I have already tried making a small sponge using and old paint brush but this didnt work too well.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Cheers for now


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