Saturday, 17 May 2014

Reinforcements: Tactical Squad and Contemptor - also Battle Report 9

Gday all,

A quick update as a minute here is a minute away from the paint brush!

I played a game vs Orks yesterday against another mate- Peps. It was good fun with heaps of minis on each side at 2350 points. In order to make sure I had enough boltguns to be up to the task I had to crack out another 20 man Tactical Squad to ensure that I wast overrun by the green horde.

Having points to go I had heard good things about twin assault cannons on a mortis contemptor so painted this bad boy up too. He was doing very well until he discovered what an ork deffraolla can do :(

Apart from the possibility of recording some games at an upcoming 40k event in Rockhampton being run by our mates at Forging the Narrative this will have been my last 6th Edition game. I cannot wait for next weekend to hopefully see some good fixes for the flaws that exist in the current edition. Who knows maybe that's why we are seeing an earlier than usual release - maybe the developers are finally listening. One can hope.

Sit back, grab a beer and get watching. Cheers and good gaming



  1. Well guys good to see some horus heresy Aussies

    I'm in Adelaide and am collecting BA

  2. Looking good man, MKIV is kingshit!