Thursday, 12 June 2014

30k - A Guide: What Legion Should I Collect?

Howdy Hey fellow gamers!

My aim with this article (which I realise now will turn into a series) is to act as a ‘how to’ guide for those just starting to get into, or contemplating getting into, the awesome world of The Horus Heresy. Firstly we will start with the most important question that every Horus Heresy player has to ask themselves, the question that will define all other steps on our road to the Battle for Terra.

What Legion should I collect?

For some this may be an obvious choice. They may be obsessed with one of the Legions, having collected them as a chapter or renegade force in 40k or tailored their Horus Heresy reading towards them to the exclusion of all others. There are players out there with 10,000pt of Space Wolves who are looking for any excuse to continue their Fenrisian passion through another medium. Perhaps this hypothetical player particularly relates to one of the Legions, feeling a connection to the Death Guard through their mutual distaste of showers, or to the Emperor’s Children for reasons better not discussed on a public forum. For these individuals the choice is easy. For the rest of us, the Legion question is an agonising one, the answer to which will most likely change multiple times.

Death Guard Special Rule: No Allies allowed, you try standing next to them

Before I begun my 30k journey with the Iron Warrior Legion I had contemplated collecting almost every one of the 18 known Legions, and even one of the unknown two. Except the Imperial Fists. Not sure what it is but they interest me about as much as a holiday to North Korea. Another reasons for me to go with Iron Warriors! Greater the satisfaction of stamping their yellow smug faces into the dirt with their arch (nemesi?). 

Every time I read a new Horus Heresy novel I would start to think about putting that Legion on the tabletop, the possibilities are endless! (if 19 was considered endless…) But we have to make a start somewhere and so I give you these five questions to help you make what may be the most important choice of your hobbying life. No pressure.

Paint Scheme - What colour do you want to paint? A no brainer. You’ll be painting a lot of it. Don’t like white? Stay away from White Scars. Want to give red a try? Have a look at Thousand Sons or the sons of Sanguinius.

Once you face an army of Legion Jetbikes, Eldar will look like a bunch of pansies

Conversion - Happy to convert your miniatures or looking for a Legion already well catered for? While the Death Guard have a good selection of their miniatures designed and available for purchase, you’re going to have to get inventive if you want to put together an Alpha Legion force. Have a good look at the Forgeworld (FW) site to see what is available before making your decision.

Established Rules - Do you like to live dangerously? Currently there are only rules released for 12 or the 18 legions. If you’re happy to buy a force before you have the rules for it based on your inextinguishable love of that Legion, you’re a braver person than I. If not, we’ve suddenly reduced your prospective choices by a third!

Marc Raley's Stunning Alpha Legion Army

Play Style - What kind of tactics do you like to employ on the tabletop? Like to sit back and punish your enemies with relentless firepower? Consider the stubborn Iron Warriors. Or is ripping your foes apart with whirring chain axes more your style? If so, get ready to eat some worlds. Maybe you're into being stealthy with your 7 foot, ceramite encased super humans? Look into the fear mongering (and personal favourite) Night Lords.

Doing it for the Models - Is there a particular miniature of the FW Horus Heresy line that especially appeals to you? Spend hours staring adoringly at the Horus model? Then his spiky sons are probably for you. Have some kind of cog fetish? Iron Hands all the way.

In the world of miniature gaming, it doesn't get much better than this
If you use these questions you should arrive rather quickly to a conclusion about what Legion is right for you. If you can’t choose between two, hit up the allied chart and collect both! Also don’t forget the Mechanicum and the soon to be released Imperial Army, though that’s a whole other kettle of fish. I hope I’ve been helpful in getting you started on the 30k road. Picking a Legion is the hardest part, but only the beginning.

Tune in next time when I discuss what purchases a 30k beginner should be making, pretty much applicable to all 30k players no matter what Legion you choose. Until then, keep the dice rolling.



  1. Truth made you a traitor as it often does in a time of scoundrels. See the link below for more info.


  2. Your explanations are So funny !!!

    What do you think about Alpha Legion? I'm thinking about those people named Alpharius (all of them, too originals...right?)

    But when I read the rules and compare with the novels...I can't see one big Astartes army fighting...maybe an infiltration or support force...

    Are you agree?

    Thanks you for your blog and sorry for My barbarian english

    Greetings from Spain

    1. They do have a legion. But i stongly agree with you sergio. In the lore they operate more like spyis within other legions rather then one big legion like the rest. Good thinking man! An alpha legion would in reality be 2-5 special characters, for exemples all hq and the rest of another legion.