Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Battle Report 13 - 30k World Eaters vs 40k Black Templars

The battles have been thick and fast this week with another once notched up!

My good mate Jase decided to call me on Sunday and remind me that I was late for our game at Geckos. Geckos is our local hangout here in Townsville (Australia) and the HQ for my gaming group WW40k Australia .

Feeling like a jerk for standing him up I very quickly told him to jet over to my place so we could smash out a Batrep in lieu. I am glad he did as the game was fun as!

We played a 2100 point game and due to the large points Jase decided to bring along his Knight. My initial reaction was that of dread - then I realised that at that points level I could throw in Angron for the first time. So after convincing Jase to wait about 15 or 20 minutes so I could get some more paint on the bugger we grabbed our armies and cracked on.

Have a watch of the video to see the outcome. Man of the match was defenently Angron. Jase also got a few morale victories throughout by popping the Spartan after a few taunts from myself among other things.

Apologies for the angle of some of the clips - poor Jase had a bung ankle and had to stay off it.


Cheers and good gaming


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