Sunday, 1 June 2014

Battle Report - 30k World Eaters vs 40k Thousand Sons

This 7th Edition Battle Report was a huge bundle of laughs, yelling and crying as we really opened up the new psychic phase to see what it could do.

I invited Brayden to come over for a game on the re-coloured Realm of Battle Board and also to notch up a game against another 40k Codex while we wait for the other 30k enthusiasts in Townsville (QLD, Australia) to get some paint on their 30k armies.

Suffice to say we learnt a big lesson this game - never leave home without a psyker. Without giving away the obvious ending (Eaters got owned hard) - most of the Eaters casualties mounted up the the psychic phase alone and it was a big eye opener as to how awesome a buff things like Invisibility can be... shake off an 80 attack charge = yes please!!!

Anyways enjoy watching me get owned and don't forget to subscribe to the actual YOU TUBE channel. We place up other Battle Reports from 40k only games and also from other systems from time to time.

Cheers and good gaming



  1. Red Butchers FTW!!

    That's a sick Thousands Sons force too!

  2. Wait, do you have 8 Red Butchers?? You maniac!