Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Chazz and his Iron Warriors - An Introduction

Hi. My name’s Chazz. And I’m a new found 30k addict.

Howdy hey fellow hobbyists, if you’re reading this you’re most likely a wargamer who’s either interested in getting or already involved in the Horus Heresy craze. Our gaming group, WW40k, has steadily and enthusiastically been delving into the 30k scene, throwing money at Forgeworld (FW) like there’s no tomorrow. I fought the urge for months, maybe even years (how time flies), but inevitably succumbed to the beautiful plastic crack that FW keeps rolling off the production line. I’ve moved towards 30k for a number of reasons.

1) 40k was getting a little out of control. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a 40k Fanboi and always will be. But near the end of 6th edition things were just getting a little bit crazy. The game had degenerated for me into armies that would win, and armies that would lose, no matter what happened on the table top. Meanwhile the Horus Heresy series, while using the mechanics of 40k (which I still believe is the best wargame available), was this new world of unknown and reportedly balanced (easier when we’re all wearing power armour) armies.

Not a Wave Serpent in sight

     2) I love, and have loved for years, the background behind the Horus Heresy. There’s nothing cooler than the Primarchs, their relationships with each other, their secrets, and their betrayal of the Emperor. I have devoured the Horus Heresy novel series and the background information in the 30k rule books is really a step up from anything we’ve seen before. 10,000 years ago men were men, the legions were mighty and the Imperium was cleaning house.

Aaron Dembski-Bowden could take a dump on an A4 page and I'd still buy it

3) The way prices are in Australia, it’s actually not that much more expensive to collect a Horus Heresy era army. When prices are the same, the FW models are quite simply above and beyond what GW is producing. There’s something awesomely brutal about Marines in MkIII Iron Armour. Cataphractii Terminators are the best looking Terminators around. Compare a Sicaran with a Predator, a Fire Raptor with a Stormraven, Contemptor with a Dreadnought, the 30k vehicles a bigger, meaner and prettier.  

Don't worry little buddy, you're still useful!

      4) Primarchs. Enough Said.

GW brought out the infamous Taurox, FW gave us Horus

With all of this in mind I made my first steps towards building a 30k army a few months ago. I decided to go with a Horus Heresy era Iron Warriors (HH:IW) army for all kinds of reasons, though one of the determining factors was certainly that I hadn’t seen that many HH:IW armies on the net and at the time no one within WW40k had started one. As I continue to build my Legion of Perturabo’s finest I shall bring you plenty of pictures, hobby advice, rules discussions, battle reports and all manner of 30k goodness.

Nothing says 'ultimate soldier' like letting your armour go rusty...

Iron Within. Iron Without.



  1. Hooray - welcome to the IW Legion!!!

  2. so maybe Ty you can fight Legion army now?

  3. Yesssss Iron Warriors are kingshit, loyalist or traitors?

  4. Officially following this blog closely.
    30k is a massive hit In our club, and I am justing my Iron Warriors.