Thursday, 19 June 2014

Iron Warriors: Tactical Squad Alpha

I present to you my first completed Iron Warriors Horus Heresy (HH) Legion Tactical Squad. Wow! That's a mouthful. The models are from the Iron Hands Legion MkIII Squad and won't be the last models I steal from that bionics obsessed pack of loyalist scum. I've now got my eyes set on the Iron Hands Contemptor (which I've subsequently purchased). Replace the gauntlets with skulls and BAM! I figure the Iron Warriors like cogs just as much, being all... machiney... and stuff. I am justifying the bionic right arms by making this squad the bearers of my (just for show) Legion Banner. They've replaced their weak flesh with iron so as to be able to better grasp the pride of the Legion. It's totally a thing. Banner to follow.

This squad has been a labour of love and I'm not quite sure it's completed yet. I am having my first HH game this Friday (with more than a few proxy models on both sides) so will decide on the effectiveness of the squad then. From what I've seen HH tends to encourage larger squads though with the Legion Tactical Squad I'm not sure there is a reason to.

Here’s my reasoning. The points don't really favour larger Legion Tactical squads, unlike Terminators or Destroyers for example. I plan on using them more to hold the line (and unleash their 'fury' when required) behind a fortification of some sort so don't have to worry too much about attrition. I'm not attaching an Apothecary to them so don't have to stress about getting the most out of a supporting character. Most importantly Iron Warriors don't take morale checks from shooting casualties, so maximising that 25% threshold isn't applicable. If I'm missing something please let me know in the comments but I think I've made the right choice. I do however want to add the aforementioned Legion Banner to the squad so they may grow anyway. But for now, ten will do.

In regards to tactics the squad will most likely wait patiently in a bunker. I'm looking at the Wall of Martyrs bunker as I think the model is awesome. Buildings are far less dangerous to occupy in 7th edition and you can hold an objective from inside one too. Otherwise sticking them behind a good old Aegis Defence Line will achieve a similar result. They can then deter any ambitious assault forces while my big guns clean up, holding objectives as required. I've equipped the Sgt with a Power Axe and Artificer Armour (the plume makes his armour better…). In HH if you're a character and not sporting a 2+ save you're doing it wrong.  

In regards to painting I've kept it simple. I've kept away from edge highlights as I'm going for a gritty realistic look. I've used washes and some minor sponging for battle damage but kept it subtle. This is my first attempt at getting even slightly inventive with my basing and I'm going for a muddy war zone within a long destroyed bunker complex/city, with a few skulls scattered around for flavour. I went with a reddish base for something a bit different and to contrast with the dark silver colour scheme. I'm waiting out for an Iron Warriors Transfer Sheet but think I might cave and go with the standard Space Marine one as I really only need a bunch of arrows and such.

So far I'm pretty happy with the results and can't wait to get them into their first battle later is week. Enjoy and keep the dice rolling.


* On a side note this was my first attempt at photographing miniatures. Learnt a few things and am planning on using a dark grey backdrop/setting for my next shoot. I tried using white to begin with and it didn't work at all. Eventually I want to get some terrain to shoot them on but all in good time.


  1. Yeah sonnnnnn these look kingshit!

    The sergeant looks like a total life-ender!