Thursday, 12 June 2014

So it begins - Ben

G'day people! After incessant hounding from Ty, I've finally succumbed and started to blog about my venture into the Horus Heresy.

First off my name's Ben. I've been a mad hobbyist for almost 20 years, and have been addicted to all the games systems but I keep returning to 40K. Now just so its out of the way, 30k, a lot of people have been telling me it is a totally different animal to 40k. I DISAGREE. There I said it. Having played a few games and watched a few more, to me 30K is 40K with one codex, which is fine. The real reason I'm taking part in abusing my bank account for more of the good resin stuff is purely because of the period in the 30 K universe, when some of the most epic battles and grandest events ever written or conceived take place. To be able to put the units and characters down on the table and watch them tear around the table is a real feast for the imagination, plus its also great fun watching them rip/shoot thing to pieces.
 Now I as my mates know, I get excited about armies/ideas, and run around like a 5 year on crack. I jump from one idea to another until eventually I settle on one. I started with Night Lords, then World Eaters, Salamanders next, Alpha Legion was it. I painted a contemptor and a test assault marine. It's going well. Then my my brain kicks it all to dust, and now I'm not happy with the color scheme, it wasn't fun to model or paint these suckers as much as I loved the background/history for the Hydras (all lies apparently anyway). I was in Heresy purgatory, nothing was giving me the drive to paint. My beloved Thousand Sons are still a while off so I turned back to an old favourite, The Salamanders.
 I did these fellas once before when I was a lowly GW Drone (i loved that job). I had so much fun mixing up parts from other models for the scales, the teeth tokens, flames it was all there. So this is it, The Sons of Vulkan are getting off the bench, and back on the table to bring fiery death to traitors (that's the hope anyway). The shoulder pads and brass etch have arrived so its down to this, If these guys don't get done I am OUT OF 30K. Until Thousand Sons rock up. So the army...
 1000 points is the 1st stage goal. I have a list, a method, and the models are built barring the newly arrived parts, and a little sculpting here and there. Since 1000 points to me is nothing in 30 K I've gone with a simple list that looks similar to something you would see in a 40K game barring the funky weapons the legion has access to to. Its a decked out Praetor, he is the cliche Sally character, Thunder Hammer, big ass shield and a dead lizard on his back. backed up by 10 vets in a rhino with Heavy Flamers, another 9 vets in a rhino which he rolls with. The rhinos are being followed around by a Sicarian tank for dakka, and a Flamestorm toting Predator. After this I have varying ideas on what to add but I'll focus on these lads and post up photos as they progress. I'm honestly not looking forward to the small 1000 point games as my true intent and interest for 30K is in the upper ranges of gaming 2000 to 3000 or even higher. There are so many things that should be on table and the scale of conflict theses games represent are far too grand for a mere 1000 points. But it all has to start somewhere right? I want to see 3 20 strong tac squads supporting 2 20 strong assault squads or multiple terminator squads. A trio of contemptors rampaging across the table. 10 Devestators with Heavy Flamers pouring out of a transport and putting up a wall of fire. I want Vulkan to start smashing that douche Fulgrim in the face with his hammer. Sigh, those days aren't far off I suppose and when it happens you will all see the pics!
 Thanks for reading and I promise not to pull a George R.R. Martin and make you wait forever for the next installment.
- Ben