Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Myrmidon Secutors WIP

Hi guys,

Just chucking up some pics of the Myrmidons I'm working on for the tournament in September! They still need weapons, and I'm tossing up on whether to magnetise these like I did with the Destructors.

Here's the Lord, he'll be holding some kind of future-wrench in his left hand:

This guy needs some extra tubes:

This guy is probably my favourite so far:

There's a 4th one but I forgot to get pics of him last night. I'm also building 3 more Destructors with Conversion beamers, but they won't be in my 1000 points! Once these are built and ready to paint, I'll work on the new Myrmidax Archmagos to lead them.

What's everyone else working on??

*edit* here's some more pics:

Battle Report 19 - Apocalypse - 30k World Eaters vs 40k Chaos Daemons

A home brew APOC game between Ty and Peter in Townsville. 3500 points of Eaters vs some Nurgle for no other reason that poos and giggles. 

Watch to see that massive Gargantuan GD of Nurgle go nuts and see what a bucket load of flyers can do. Also see Ty fail almost every assault roll again as is becoming tradition :(

Dont forget to checkout a close up of the Nurgle army as well - heaps of inspiration there.



Sunday, 27 July 2014

Battle Report: Death Guard and White Scars vs World Eaters

A 3000 point game between Braden and Ben.

We see a Fellblade carve up and see Ben have a crack at proving that my dice are not cursed after all.

Give it a quick watch - it is pretty funny!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Sons of Horus have arrived....

Gday all,

Ty here - I have succumb to the lack of painted 30k armies in Townsville at the moment and decided to put the last few World Eater units on hold for a few weeks while I solve my own problem and get a second force painted.

Apart from having so much fun against the White Scars the other night it was a great feeling to have a legit 30k vs 30k game  - in short I want more of it!!! There are a lot of armies in progress here in "The Ville" at the moment but all of them will probably only be ready in time for out local 30k Tournament to be held in September (More about that in a few days time).

Anyways - the Sons of Horus have arrived. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a heap of Justerian Terminators through Ben and some of his mates from Melbourne. These guys were still in the packet too, giving me the freedom to arm them how I wished and have some fun.

Now a lot of people would agree that the Justerian Terminators are a little over costed for what they are (even with the drop in the compilation HH Army lists) but none the less I do love the models so they are getting a look in.

The List as it stands at the moment is actually at about 2000 points - with only 23 models too - haha!!!

At the moment the Pride of the Legion Rote of War is required to make this list legit - however the actual plan si to have all of these Terminators form part of an Orbital Assault force. I have a few pods and some Mk3 and 4 marines calling out for some love. With the Terminators all being able to score I intend on adding in two Tactical squads and one Tactical Support Squad in Pods to make the list legal. I am sure that I will throw in a Dready/Contemptor Talon or two in the end as well to give me some armour.

Here is what we have at the moment.

2x 5 man Justerian Units (1x Power Sword, 4x Axes, 1x Combi Melta, 1x Multi Melta)
Terminator Praetor(Paragon Blade, Digital Weapons, Master Crafted and Iron Halo (Will be built into the shield))
2x 5 man Cataphracti Terminators (With a mix of weapons, Heavy weapons and combis).

I am loving the look of this small elite force - as you can see in the picture - Abbadon leading the Justerian and the Praetor deploying with the Terminators. Should look cool when finished.

I am happy with the green too. I went with Karbilite green as a base over a grey primer and then gave it a quick Zenithal squirt of a 50/50 (Karbilite and Sybarite) and then an even quicker squirt of Sybarite green.

The Justerian have yet to be sprayed black. I am thinking a very very dark grey to keep it simple and add instant highlighting when the models are glossed up and washed with oils.

It was my first crack trying that Zenithal technique and I think I did pretty well (not that im an expert). I will bung up some more WIP pictures on our Facebook page as I get more done over the coming weeks.

Cheers for stopping by.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

Battle Report: 30k White Scars vs 30k World Eaters

Gday all,

Braden came around to take part in his second batrep - but this time using his almost finished White Scars force in a game of 30k. We also got to show off the first section of completed FW Urban Realm of Battle Board as well.

It was only a 1000 point clash on a 4x4, but none the less lots of fun, swearing and banter was had.

Damn those jetbikes and their 2 plus save - combine that with Braden's inability to fail a single feel no Pain roll and you have a nice little combo!

Watch and enjoy.

A few stills can be found here - CLICK HERE

Monday, 14 July 2014

Iron Warriors: Rapier Laser Destroyer

I've been busy since my last post, working on a number of different units at once (I know, no discipline) and have even fit a couple of small games in, which I will discuss in a future post. Lately I have finished the first of my two Legion Rapier Weapons armed with Laser Destroyer Arrays. I will discuss the modelling, painting and tactics behind the Rapier Battery, in that order.

From the front, I give you, a Rapier Laser Destroyer!... and friends
These things go together pretty easily though without the instructions (men don't need such things) it took me a few minutes of staring at the parts to work it out. There are a few things to consider with this model. The kit comes with the tracked weapon model and two space marines in MkIII armour to fire and, god forbid, move the thing. I decided early on that I didn't want to put a Space Marine on the weapon platform for two reasons. Firstly he looks liked bit of a gimp standing there and secondly in gaming terms it restricts you. If he's stuck to the weapon then he's not able to move into combat, run away or be positioned tactically in regards in incoming fire. Also holding that lever seems a little 19th century, so nuts to that. I based both of my Space Marines and cut down the lever to look like a (in hindsight rather awkwardly placed) targeting screen or something of that futuristic nature.

From the back, note the muddy footprints on the platform. Space Marines, so rude.
One thing to consider is whether to stick the gun into the track mount or to leave it free to swivel. Once the blast shield is in place the gun can barely swivel anyway and I've found it has a tendency to point downwards if not glued in place. So mine are glued. The Space Marine handlers themselves are strange models. Slightly bow legged and actually taller than your average Marine. It didn't really bother me so I'm using them with a few weapon swaps from the MkIII assault weapon sprues to make up for not holding the lever. But if you're a perfectionist you might want to trade them out for more regular models to tie in with the rest of the army.

Comparison between a Tac Marine and one of the "Handlers"
Lastly those tracks were a pain. In the end I cut them up and just chucked them on. They're not perfect but if you're not looking closely you can't tell. If I had my time over again I'd probably break out the wife’s hair dryer and try to mould them more precisely onto the model.

Painting Iron Warrior models is never particularly hard. Silver. Nuln Oil. More silver. The ubiquitous hazard stripes however can pose a challenge and will make or break an Iron Warriors force. For this first model I used a pencil to mark the lines and then free handed the job. The key to yellow is to water down your paints and do at least four layers, don't rush it. I like my yellow a little darker so I finish the job with a sepia wash. They're not perfectly straight or aligned but are pretty close for a free hand effort. With my second piece I have kept the blast shield separate and intend to use tape to get a better effect, sticking it to the model afterwards.

They're almost straight... kind of...
I applied a good amount of the colour I'm using for basing my models to represent splashed mud on the front/sides, mud stuck in the tracks and mud on the platform where a marine might have stood with his grubby boots. It's the little touches like this that add realism to a model. The models are not quite complete and I plan on using some Stirland Mud (a texture paint from GW) to get a better mud effect on the tracks.

Muddy Goodness, subtle but effective
I decided to paint the coils on the weapons in a green colour, representing the weapon being in the process of powering up. Hopefully that's what it actually looks like...

Having now used the Laser Destroyers in a game I have a new perspective on them. A 36" range just isn't that far when it comes to artillery. Although artillery can move and (snap I believe?) fire in 7th edition you really want to be keeping these things stationary. But if you put them too far forward you're leaving them open to a possible assault, at which point they're useless. My plan is to hunker them down at the front of my deployment zone (depending on the enemy of course) and babysit them with a cheap objective holding tactical squad. While they didn't cause much damage in the games I've played so far, they did create a 36" bubble which my opponent was VERY hesitant to move even Land Raiders into. While their strength isn't overly impressive (can't everything be S10?) they get a second dice to choose from thanks to Ordnance and more importantly their low low AP is more useful than ever in 7th edition.

The Rapier covering the Iron Warrior's advance and a cheeky sneak peak of future projects

The ability to scare your opponent and dictate his battle plan is certainly worth the measly amount of points you pay for these things. They're also ridiculously survivable if you put them in some cover. Just make sure when you set them up that you put one of the Space Marine handlers in front of the weapon mount to soak up a wound. One thing to note is that they take up an Elite slot which are pretty precious to a Crusade Heresy list. If you're not planning on moving Terminators to Troops in some manner then you might not have space for these guys.

Next on the podium will be my Masters of Signals. In the meantime, enjoy and keep the dice rolling.


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Battle Report - Ullanor Crusade - World Eaters vs 7th Edition Orks - On the road.

I was very lucky to organise a game with a mate of mine from the Aussie Podcast - Forging the Narrative. Wes had a big pile of Orks he wanted to give a bash with using the new dex for the first time and I wanted any excuse to roll dice.

After consulting with Dr Google and the 40k Wiki I discovered some more details about the Ullanor Crusade that took part in teh late 30th or early 31st M. Where 100000 Marines and millions of Guard descended on what would be the biggest Ork invasion until Armageddon some M later.

Nothing was specifically mentioned about the Eaters - but we figured they would not miss out on a cool fight like that one.

That should keep the 30k fluff muppets at bay!!!! :)

Anyways as for the game itself - we rolled up a 30k mission and had at it. My dice were awesome as usual - see if you can pick the spot in the video where all hope is lost.

None the less we had plenty of fun and discovered how cool the lucky stick is. Hopefully this will become a monthly outing with more Rocky lads getting involved next time I am in town.

Photo link - CLICK HERE



Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Imperial Fists vs Ordo Reductor battle report!

Hi guys,

Just a quick post. Michael and I played a 1950 point game on the weekend and I did up a battle report. Check it out here. There's a bunch of pics of Michael's award winning Imperial Fists force!

Anyone else played any games lately? Grab some pics on your phone and upload them to, and write up a report! It's a good opportunity to come up with some sweet background for your force, and set up some rivalries.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Imperial Fist Vindicator

Its been a busy few weeks but I've finally finished my vindicator. I've always been a huge fan of the actual model and the vindicator's ability and value for points on the battle field, so it was a no brainer to include one in my latest army.

I won't bang on about the kit too much, I think just about every one has put a rhino chassis together at some stage  or another. The one thing I did convert to make the vehicle fit with the rest of army better was the combi bolter for the mkIII armoured gunner. I made it from the supplied storm bolter, a plasma gun from the tartaros terminator special weapon set and some plasti card.

Now like with every project I undertake I like to try something different or try perfect some thing, this time it was decals. I never used to use decals because I didn't know how to make them look good so this time I used seven to test my self. I did a bit of research before I used decals for the first time in years on my spartan and learned a few things. To get a good natural finish Gloss Varnish, micro sol, micro set and matt varnish set are you best friends when it comes to putting on decals. There are a lot of good tutorials on how how to do decals online, but in summary after watching a few I found the general idea was to undercoat the area with gloss varnish so the decal has a very flat smooth surface to cling to, micro set to help the decal adhere, micro sol to soften the decal and help it to conform to the surface and any detail under it and finally matt varnish to seal the decal and protect it from and weathering techniques that could damage the decal. I'm fairly happy with the end result but I do have some silvering on a couple of the smaller decals, ah well I'll get it prefect next time!

 On the battle field the vindicator is great value at 120 points and compliments my army very well. At the moment I field large amounts of basic troops with minimal or no organic heavy support, the vindicator gives them the close support they need! The S10 AP 2 demolished cannon is ideal for tearing huge holes in large squads making the job of destroying them more manageable with large volumes of bolter fire from my basic troops or attacking heavy vehicles taking advantage of the ordinance rule. The vehicle also has a some great options in 30k in the form of ceramite armour and ability to mount a heavy bolter or heavy flamer on the vehicle. The vindicator has the option to swap out the demolisher cannon for a laser destroyer array for 10 points, in my opinion if you really want to take laser destroyers take rapier batteries unless the option really fills a niche roll in your army.
On the downside the main disadvantage for me using this vehicle is the 24 inch range. Against an army with a range advantage it will struggle to get close and start causing some carnage. The short range also brings it into range of shorter range anti armour weapons which makes manoeuvring and facing the vehicle very important to its survivability.
All in all in my opinion the vindicator is a great model to paint and a super useful vehicle on the battle field of the thirty first millennium. I hope you enjoyed the article and if your new to the hobby picked something up. Thanks for reading, see you next time.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

30k - A Guide: Making Your First Purchases

Welcome to the second article in my series on taking those first steps towards building a Horus Heresy army. In this article I will discuss the next big hurdle you'll have to... um... hurdle... on your way to completing the Horus Heresy army building race metaphor. If you're playing along at home then you will have just picked what Legion you're going to collect. Using my hypothetical war gamer (and a name that a friend of mine uses in bars), Jerome Pleasure-Town, we'll quickly pick a Legion.

Following my five question system Jerome came to a number of speedy conclusions. Jerome likes blue, it's a manly colour and he feels it accentuates his eyes. Next JPT realises he's new to the game and not an expert when it comes to using green stuff so he's looking for a Horus Heresy line that is mostly released. He wants an army with the rules already released and is keen to gear his army towards close combat. This leaves Jerome with two viable choices, Night Lords or World Eaters at a stretch (noting they're mostly white). Put off by Ty's already impressive World Eaters force, Jerome chooses Night Lords as his first Legion army.

But what to buy? The FW website is full of choices and there aren't any pre-formed bundles like on the GW website. Hell. Jerome realises he doesn't even know the rules. This is the first purchasing decision point and one that I myself really struggled with. For only £60 you can get yourself all the rules for the HH game and the first 12 Legions in this newly available compact collection. However these books don't have the plethora of artwork and background fluff (information about the HH universe) that the magnificent original HH series do, though to get the same amount of rules will cost £210. Steep no? Luckily I have a mate who already had the third HH book and could access the Iron Warrior rules. So I decided to start with the HH Betrayal book as they're absolute pieces of art and I couldn't miss the opportunity to own them, and hold them, and gently whisper to them late at night. My plan is to buy them over a year or so, spreading out the cost.

Jerome however is a lone wolf with no such access so he gets the compact collection. But he also doesn't want to wait until his FW order, coming all the way from the Motherland, arrives before deciding on what miniatures to add to his fledgling army. For any HH army, no matter what you're collecting. There are a few safe bets. You're going to need compulsory troops. While some armies flip the FOC chart around and have their own troop choices, the basics are always useful and good practice to start painting on anyway. You've only really got three choices for compulsory troops (not considering the multiple FOC swapping options). Tactical Squads, Assault Squads and Breacher Squads. You'll also want to get your hands on an HQ choice but let's not rush into anything for this purchase.

As Jerome wants to defeat his enemies in close combat, staring into the panicked whites of their eyes, he's decided to go with a Tactical Squad and an Assault Squad as his two compulsory choices. No matter what future directions Jerome's army takes these two units will be useful. A gamer focused on shooting may decide on two Tactical Squads, while a gamer with a theme in mind may lean toward using Terminators or Legion specific units as compulsory troops choices. The key to choosing a unit is considering manoeuvrability, purpose and synergy. Eventually Jerome is going to want to find a way to get his Tactical Squad up in the enemies' face and to have a helping hand while they're there, but we won't spoil that discovery for him right now.

Jerome also does a bit of research and, using Macca's handy Armour Guide, chooses MkIV armour for his Night Lords. So here's what you want to buy Jerome:

The Rules:

Tactical Squad:

Assault Squad:

This will give Jerome a fledgling army with two minimal troops choices, a good basis from which to expand. In the next article we'll talk about the magic behind Horus Heresy HQ choices and how that will impact your entire army and future list building. In the meantime, enjoy and keep the dice rolling.