Thursday, 10 July 2014

Battle Report - Ullanor Crusade - World Eaters vs 7th Edition Orks - On the road.

I was very lucky to organise a game with a mate of mine from the Aussie Podcast - Forging the Narrative. Wes had a big pile of Orks he wanted to give a bash with using the new dex for the first time and I wanted any excuse to roll dice.

After consulting with Dr Google and the 40k Wiki I discovered some more details about the Ullanor Crusade that took part in teh late 30th or early 31st M. Where 100000 Marines and millions of Guard descended on what would be the biggest Ork invasion until Armageddon some M later.

Nothing was specifically mentioned about the Eaters - but we figured they would not miss out on a cool fight like that one.

That should keep the 30k fluff muppets at bay!!!! :)

Anyways as for the game itself - we rolled up a 30k mission and had at it. My dice were awesome as usual - see if you can pick the spot in the video where all hope is lost.

None the less we had plenty of fun and discovered how cool the lucky stick is. Hopefully this will become a monthly outing with more Rocky lads getting involved next time I am in town.

Photo link - CLICK HERE



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