Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Sons of Horus have arrived....

Gday all,

Ty here - I have succumb to the lack of painted 30k armies in Townsville at the moment and decided to put the last few World Eater units on hold for a few weeks while I solve my own problem and get a second force painted.

Apart from having so much fun against the White Scars the other night it was a great feeling to have a legit 30k vs 30k game  - in short I want more of it!!! There are a lot of armies in progress here in "The Ville" at the moment but all of them will probably only be ready in time for out local 30k Tournament to be held in September (More about that in a few days time).

Anyways - the Sons of Horus have arrived. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a heap of Justerian Terminators through Ben and some of his mates from Melbourne. These guys were still in the packet too, giving me the freedom to arm them how I wished and have some fun.

Now a lot of people would agree that the Justerian Terminators are a little over costed for what they are (even with the drop in the compilation HH Army lists) but none the less I do love the models so they are getting a look in.

The List as it stands at the moment is actually at about 2000 points - with only 23 models too - haha!!!

At the moment the Pride of the Legion Rote of War is required to make this list legit - however the actual plan si to have all of these Terminators form part of an Orbital Assault force. I have a few pods and some Mk3 and 4 marines calling out for some love. With the Terminators all being able to score I intend on adding in two Tactical squads and one Tactical Support Squad in Pods to make the list legal. I am sure that I will throw in a Dready/Contemptor Talon or two in the end as well to give me some armour.

Here is what we have at the moment.

2x 5 man Justerian Units (1x Power Sword, 4x Axes, 1x Combi Melta, 1x Multi Melta)
Terminator Praetor(Paragon Blade, Digital Weapons, Master Crafted and Iron Halo (Will be built into the shield))
2x 5 man Cataphracti Terminators (With a mix of weapons, Heavy weapons and combis).

I am loving the look of this small elite force - as you can see in the picture - Abbadon leading the Justerian and the Praetor deploying with the Terminators. Should look cool when finished.

I am happy with the green too. I went with Karbilite green as a base over a grey primer and then gave it a quick Zenithal squirt of a 50/50 (Karbilite and Sybarite) and then an even quicker squirt of Sybarite green.

The Justerian have yet to be sprayed black. I am thinking a very very dark grey to keep it simple and add instant highlighting when the models are glossed up and washed with oils.

It was my first crack trying that Zenithal technique and I think I did pretty well (not that im an expert). I will bung up some more WIP pictures on our Facebook page as I get more done over the coming weeks.

Cheers for stopping by.



  1. YESSSS I've been waiting for someone to do a Warmaster/Abaddon bro-team terminator army!!!

    You could run a Pride of the Legion Rite of War, and then all those terminators are troops anyway, then take 3 dreadclaws from fast attack, then two can drop pod down first turn, and third turn the third drop pod comes down plus Abaddon and Horus teleport down without scattering.. Then you don't need any foolish power armour.

  2. Oops I mean second turn the other shit arrives..

    In any case this looks rad..