Sunday, 31 August 2014

Monthly Hobby Pledge Wrap Up - August

Our local gaming consortium here in Townsville (North Queensland, Australia) decided to try motivating each other by trying a monthly hobby pledge and organising a few dedicated hobby days throughout.

We have had some great success with a few of our blokes being very productive - myself included.

I did however FAIL my August pledge due to having the attention span of Homer Simpson and got side tracked on other projects.

I originally pledged to paint the models circled in red below.

But ended up only getting the Justerian component and Abbadon complete (not golden demon standard, however I had heaps of fun and learnt a lot on the way. Abbadon's face is the best I have done to date and im pretty proud of it!)

I was happy that I got heaps of hobby done including a squad of World Eater Flamers and ten more Assault Marines - but excuses are a big as bum holes and everybody has one.

September will see me stick to the mission - A post of September's pledges from those who can participate from TTH will be up over the next few days!

As always

Cheers and good gaming...

Now go and pick up that bloody brush!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Horus Invitational - Warhammer 30000 - Like a Sir!!! Charity event.

Very happy to announce that our 30k charity event "The Horus Invitational - Like a Sir!" has just capped out at a healthy 16 participants. Drawing on players from as far as Canberra (about 3000 km away from our event location in Townsville) we are nowall set for an awesome weekend of games, raffles, beers, 1920's inspired clothing - including tops hats and monocles - all to help our mates out at Soldier On!!

We are hoping to take gentleman gaming to the next sarcastic level !!!

You can help us out by donating here.

You can find out more about Soldier On here -

We are back....... Battle Report and Showcase

Sorry for the delay in work but due to a few personal issues and a lot of work we had to have a little break from posting.

That said a lot was still happening behind the scenes.

I managed to not only take part in a 10 hour painting challenge with a heap of mates - PICTURES HERE - I have also finished the majority of my urban Forge World Board, paint two new squads - an extra ten assault World Eaters and a ten man flamer wielding tactical support squad - and get the starts on Abbadon, ten Justerian as well as put a battle report and army show case up!!!

Here are a few stills of the achievements unlocked over the last few weeks as well as a few You Tube videos.

And take breath....

Enjoy !!!!


Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Good Evening/Morning/Day/Night or whatever it may be in your particular corner of this planet! I hope that you and yours are well, and that you are here of your own free are right? Blink twice if you aren't, and we will send some Space Wolves to "liberate" you. Do not fret Magnus, we got you covered!

But in all seriousness, my name is David, and I've been asked to join this blog by a couple of different people for a variety of reasons, one of which is I am completely without humour, and this blog was far too amusing and needed a bit of toning down to fit in with the grim nature of the Horus Heresy.

I started playing 40k upon release of Necrons in 2nd Edition, where there were warriors, scarabs, and the flying deckchair, the rules were in White Dwarf, and there was even a free warrior attached to every magazine! The imagery drew me in, and Corublo and Michael C drew me in deeper by exposing me to the eternal war between chaos and the imperium.

The IV legion with its epic betrayal of the imperium for some well considered and deliberate reasons resonated with me, and I started a IW 3rd ed army. With 4 HS choices, the word "BEARD" got thrown around a lot, but at that stage of my life I was most definitely a WAAC type player, so I strove to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women. I didn't see many women, but I assume that they were lamenting, somewhere...possibly about body odor but I can not be sure.

However, I returned to the Necrons with their codex, and I love me some robots with souls. Especially the faustian bargain that led to their victory over the old ones, but loss to the C'Tan.

Years pass, and I miss 4th and 5th edition mostly, and find upon my return I am more of a fluff player. But now there are big, virtually indestructible tau suits that are destroying a squad of necrons for like half the points,  and then the eldar codex led me to hang up 40k for the indeterminate future.

Michael and Corublo put the hard word on me for 30k, threatening life, limb, and hearth if I did not at least watch a game, and so I did, both between themselves and at a small local tournament, and like glen 20 in a post kebab toilet, it was a breath of fresh air, almost a return to the heady days of 2nd/3rd ed.

Points for painting/modelling, fluff, game points, sportsmanship? HELL YES. Although the IW are not renowned for ornamentation. I'm even taking detail off to meet the more spartan style of 30k IW, as I consider them to be similar in style and substance to early roman empire legionaries, extremely functional,  but really bad at parades and looking good.

So now I have a somewhat ambitious army in the works, as well as thinking of the actual logistics behind something like the great crusade would actually take. Expect a treatise on SPOE (Space Point of Entry) and how I think the Iron Warriors would achieve their goals.

I currently have around 900 points painted, and roughly 1500 awaiting assembly. Pics will be posted once a decent camera is acquired, however I will be focusing on painting up a super secret mega death list of doom of exactly 1000 points for an invitational in September, of which I am about 1/3 of the way done.

I hope I have not bored you, as I ramble on, because if so, then you have earned my enmity, and I challenge you to swords at dawn. I know pistols are more traditional, but they are loud and the neighbours DO NOT want to hear that at dawn.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mustering the 9th Legion - Dean

G'day Guys,

Since everyone seems to be getting onto this 30K bandwagon I've decided to join the frothing hordes.

First of all, I'm Dean Morris. I've been buying this plastic crack for around 10 years on and off, and now it seems its time to turn my slow attentions towards building a Horus Heresy era Blood Angels army.

Now I've always been a fan of the sons of Sanguinius but could never find the passion to collect an army of them in 40K. None of that problem since reading Fear to Tread and my love for those wacky vamps has been reignited.

Now as far as the army I want to build, I decided from the get go that as the official Blood Angels legion rules haven't been written yet I would be running a standard Legion list with the Rite of War: Orbital Assault.
So everything is in drop pods or a flyer or running a jump pack.
Which I feel fits the Angels of Death aesthetic quite nicely, As well as being quite a unique style of play

I started my Army with the fortune of winning 20 MK4 Tacticals in a local club raffle run by our main group WW40k Australia.

Immediately finding a copy of the legion army list I couldn't help but notice that Tactical marines out of a drop pod suffer from a lack of punch beyond bolters. So with that in mind I have decided to equip both ten man squads with additional CCW's to give them a bit more utility as poor man's assault marines.

Here is the Tactical Sgt's for both squads. I heavily used parts from the Sanguinary Guard boxes to give the legionaries that distinctive BA look

 I've decided to base the army on resin bases modeled like ship's hulls. Basically the Idea being that this BA strike force is assaulting an enemy ship or space station.

Here is the Rest of Tactical Squad one built. I made the decision early to equip roughly half the squad with bolters and the other half with pistols and ccw's. With bolters or knives mag locked to the belts of the others

And that's where I am at. Next stage will be scavenging enough pistols and ccw's to equip squad two and then building the first of the drop pods. Hopefully this weekend will see squad one painted in the Legion's colours

Look forward to the next update, cheers all

- Dean