Sunday, 31 August 2014

Monthly Hobby Pledge Wrap Up - August

Our local gaming consortium here in Townsville (North Queensland, Australia) decided to try motivating each other by trying a monthly hobby pledge and organising a few dedicated hobby days throughout.

We have had some great success with a few of our blokes being very productive - myself included.

I did however FAIL my August pledge due to having the attention span of Homer Simpson and got side tracked on other projects.

I originally pledged to paint the models circled in red below.

But ended up only getting the Justerian component and Abbadon complete (not golden demon standard, however I had heaps of fun and learnt a lot on the way. Abbadon's face is the best I have done to date and im pretty proud of it!)

I was happy that I got heaps of hobby done including a squad of World Eater Flamers and ten more Assault Marines - but excuses are a big as bum holes and everybody has one.

September will see me stick to the mission - A post of September's pledges from those who can participate from TTH will be up over the next few days!

As always

Cheers and good gaming...

Now go and pick up that bloody brush!!!!!!!!!!!!


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