Saturday, 23 August 2014

We are back....... Battle Report and Showcase

Sorry for the delay in work but due to a few personal issues and a lot of work we had to have a little break from posting.

That said a lot was still happening behind the scenes.

I managed to not only take part in a 10 hour painting challenge with a heap of mates - PICTURES HERE - I have also finished the majority of my urban Forge World Board, paint two new squads - an extra ten assault World Eaters and a ten man flamer wielding tactical support squad - and get the starts on Abbadon, ten Justerian as well as put a battle report and army show case up!!!

Here are a few stills of the achievements unlocked over the last few weeks as well as a few You Tube videos.

And take breath....

Enjoy !!!!



  1. Good to see you all back posting. I've just started my 30k adventure. And draw a lot of insperation from you guys and your blog/YouTube channel.
    Plus you seem a top bunch if lads.

    Look forward to seeing more.

  2. Woah those Salamanders are awesome!!

    Looks like there should be some super rad armies up there at the end of September! Is Sam playing?

  3. Also is that 10 Justaerin?? Couldn't you find a more expensive squad? :)

    1. lol yeah..... They are 2 x 5 man normally for that extra points wastage. That's why the other ten are in green. The models in the pic at top are about 2k on the nose inc Horus. 10 Just led by Ab and 10 normal Cata led by a Praetor. There will be some power armour in the fold down the track. The SoH army will be Drop Assault eventually backed up by the DStrikeing Terms.