Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Army Showcase - Mechanicum - Tim

Another lot of photos and a quick video for you to gander at today. I have heaps more cool stuff to get up from our 30k event The Horus Invitational - but don't want to give it all up in one day!

Here we have a selection of Tim's work.

Tim is our resident robot enthusiast so rather than steal his insight I will place links to some of his posts so far. He checks the blog every few days so leave questions and comments for him at the bottom.


In the short term have a go at these Mechanicum!


Army Showcase - 30k Emperors Children - Mitch "A Galaxy in Flames"

Gday guys and girls,

Another really nice army that was fielded at our Horus Invitational over the weekend. This small contingent of Emperors Children belong to our good mate and fellow blogger Mitch from A GALAXY IN FLAMES.

Without stealing too much of his thunder but in order to make you click on and check this army out in detail - watch the quick 2 minute video below and click on the links to Mitch's ARTICLE.


Sunday, 28 September 2014

Battle Report 21 - 30k Iron Warriors vs 30k Imperial Fists

A third post this morning!

I am like a kid in a candy store with a HDD full of great pics and footage.

Here is a quick scratch match/warm up game between two of our bloggers - Chazz and Michael (aka Harry).

If you have been following our posts today you will have already seen these two armies up close. If not here is some links.


This is the lads first batrep outing by themselves and they have done a pretty good effort.

Enjoy the quick video and expect more from these guys soon.

To ask them questions either comment below or hit them up on our Facebook page.

To see the other 20 batreps and more cool content head on over to our You Tube channel.

Cheers again!


Army Showcase - 30k Imperial Fists - Michael

I cant help myself as there are too many great models to show off.

Here is the second army of the day!

Michael's Imperial Fists. I do apologize in advance as he left his Spartan and Dreadnoughts at home but here is a LINK to have a gander.

Michael is one of our TTH bloggers and traveled 1500km to sunny Townsville to participate in our 30k charity event "The Horus Invitational".

This army was judged to have been created with the most artistic flare at the event and as a result Michael went home with the best painted accolade - well done mate!

I believe that make two awards in the bag for Michael now.

He was also a gentlemanly general on the tabletop and as a result cam runner-up overall in the event. A big effort - Results LINK

Anyway enjoy the Fists!

Michael can be reached via our Facebook page or below through comments if you have any questions.

Don't forget to see our Youtube channel for heaps of other content!

Cheers and good gaming


Army Showcase - 30k Iron Warriors - Chazz

In the aftermath of our wicked fun "Horus Invitational" Charity event held over the weekend I was able to grab a heap of pictures and footage of various armies. I will treat you guys to a new one each day or so over the next week so keep checking back!

If people are nice i may even drop two today :)

Anyway - please enjoy some 30k Iron Warriors to kick start your morning!

Chazz is one of our resident bloggers and can be asked any questions via our Facebook page or by commenting below. Also dont forget to head on over to our Youtube channel to see a heap more 30k goodness.

Thanks for stopping by.



The Horus Invitational - Gaming like a Sir!

A quick washup of our very successful 30k event held on 27 and 28 September in Townsville Queensland.

1000 Points - 16 Players
Hosted by the crazy muppets here at TTH and our mates at AGIF.

The main purpose behind the event apart from taking our regular opportunity to raise money for our favourite charity SOLDIER ON, was to get a bucket load of our mates in the one place in the one time to have fun and roll those dice.

We are very lucky to have such a tight knit community of gamers through our friendship networks and our main gaming group - WW40k Australia. We opted to make this event an invite only event so that we could treat our friends to a fantastic weekend with a gentlemanly twist in order to thank them for their on going support and enthusiasm with the hobby that we all love and enjoy!

All in all we managed to raise about $800. This was a monster effort due to the small group and has ensured that we hit our yearly target early of $2500 towards Team ADFWGA - our affiliate gaming group and their pledge to help out our Soldier On mates.

The full results are available HERE with a great effort put in by all.

A very special thanks must go out to Ben Clarke - without this buggers help behind the scenes the event would never had gotten off the ground with both myself and the "A Galaxy in Flames" crew inundated with other unavoidable commitments.

A second round of thanks must go to the ladies (Tam, Hanna, Georgina and Adelaide). All of the ladies that helped out are either currently gaming or about to start! They gave up their chance to participate to ensure that our bellies and drinks were full for the entire day - from the Champagne breakfast all the way through to dinner!

Last but not least a thanks must also go to our mate Peps and Strutty. Peps was good enough to place his green ork horde down for the day to do our data crunching and abuse and make fun of all the players when luck did not go their way. Strutty arrived with his camera gear in tow and took a heap of great pictures of minis and the event. When he finishes all his editing we will bung them up here for all to see so keep an eye out. Strutty was also good enough to keep the lads entertained between rounds and beers with some tunes on his bagpipes.

Rather than upload a million pictures here please subscribe to our YOU TUBE channel and Facebook page and watch the video montage below. It was a bloody good day!!

Cheers and good gaming


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Army Showcase - 30k World Eaters

I have finally hit about the 6000 point mark of painted World Eaters and though it was time to show you all where they are at before moving onto other projects and Legions. I have learnt a lot though this task. This army began on the 15th March this year  - LINK. You can follow this army via this blog since then for those that want to see how it all came together.

To see all of the Battles they have fought (and mostly lost) head on over to our Youtube channel.

Here are some still pics of where they are at right now as well a a short video giving you some more insight as to what makes the army and me tick.