Monday, 1 September 2014

Adsecularis Tech-Thrall WIPs

Jupiter's cock! It's September already!

I've been busily assembling the laser-helots for my 1000 point army for the Horus Invitational at the end of the month.

'Find me the most cost effective plan to expend the enemy's ammunition, and carry it out!'

When these models first came out, I wasn't really a fan, but they've totally grown on me. The way to appreciate these guys is to realise, they're only BS2 idiots, they're never going to do anything except die under the enemy's guns. Once you realise that, then you realise why they look so shambolic, the Mechanicum doesn't care about them. They're just dumped out of the flesh vats, fitted out with cheap blasters and some cursory armour for their organs and sent to die in droves. Excellent.

Ok so the models are great, but holy crap they're a pain to glue together. Without a heat gun, I would have completely lost my mind.

If you're interested in building these this is how I streamlined it.

1. Cut the sprues off their feet and clean up the pieces
2. Prepare the bases, by sticking a piece of gaffer tape over the slots (the ones at the front there, I put spakfiller in the gaps but this made quite a mess and took ages)
3. Glue the body onto the base
4. Hold the weapon (the weapon and arms are all one 'Y' shaped piece), then using a heat gun heat up the arms until they're rubbery
5. Put a drop of glue on each side of the torso, and one on the cable mount, and attach the arms, bending them so they glue, and hold the whole thing until it sets
6. A bit later once the glue has fixed, heat any barrels with the heat gun and bend them straight. make sure the super glue has set though before this, because if you put the heat gun over liquid glue it creates a super harsh 'super glue vapour' which I'm assuming is bad for you as it really hurts your face/throat.

So a little time consuming, but pretty straight forward!

How are everyone else's forces going?


  1. Ah very nice mate! I have a batch of twenty of these fellas for my Dark Mechanicum as well, for the sole purpose of dying in droves.

  2. I really want to convert up a unit with heavy chainswords, probably with the Mitralock ones maybe with like pit slave buzz saws and things..

    How many points of Dark Mechanicum stuff do you have so far??