Sunday, 28 September 2014

Army Showcase - 30k Imperial Fists - Michael

I cant help myself as there are too many great models to show off.

Here is the second army of the day!

Michael's Imperial Fists. I do apologize in advance as he left his Spartan and Dreadnoughts at home but here is a LINK to have a gander.

Michael is one of our TTH bloggers and traveled 1500km to sunny Townsville to participate in our 30k charity event "The Horus Invitational".

This army was judged to have been created with the most artistic flare at the event and as a result Michael went home with the best painted accolade - well done mate!

I believe that make two awards in the bag for Michael now.

He was also a gentlemanly general on the tabletop and as a result cam runner-up overall in the event. A big effort - Results LINK

Anyway enjoy the Fists!

Michael can be reached via our Facebook page or below through comments if you have any questions.

Don't forget to see our Youtube channel for heaps of other content!

Cheers and good gaming


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  1. these are beyond the pale - well done Michael!

    how do you do your yellows? yep ready to throw whatever your yellow recipe is in the trolley