Sunday, 7 September 2014

Army Showcase - 30k World Eaters

I have finally hit about the 6000 point mark of painted World Eaters and though it was time to show you all where they are at before moving onto other projects and Legions. I have learnt a lot though this task. This army began on the 15th March this year  - LINK. You can follow this army via this blog since then for those that want to see how it all came together.

To see all of the Battles they have fought (and mostly lost) head on over to our Youtube channel.

Here are some still pics of where they are at right now as well a a short video giving you some more insight as to what makes the army and me tick.




  1. Nice work dude. Looking the "true" legion sized force. Looks like a pre-heresy force but is there a story behind the selection of units and force makeup?

  2. Good question mate. No real story. The army as you may have been aware came to me via Ben via one of his mates who was doing a hobby cleanse. The first 4k points were kinda chosen for me. Since then I have been trying to add a variation of stuff to give me plenty of choices to be able to build a few different armies using all of the Rites of War. I will be adding a few more Rhinos in due course and a few flyers to make sure I can run a mech army and flyer army using these guys. I can currently do Pride and Bezerker Assault. All of the legions being built now have a bit more theme involved as they are being brought from scratch. The Sons of Horus for example will be a drop assault force - a spearhead based around Abbadon/Horus and Justerians as the tip. Some normal Cat Termies and a Praetor as backup and then some power armours troops and dreads in pods for support. Back onto the Eaters however - I am hoping to add more units in time to take them to about 8k points. These guys will be my APOC/flex army to play with when big games are in order.