Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My mind blowing children!!!

Hi ya,

I am Tam the better half of Ty and more awesome in every way. He has made the mistake of showing me how to blog and I intend on trying to show him up by getting my purple mind blowing Emperor's Children on the go. That at which I will beat him as everyone else has on the tabletop. lol

My choice for painting the third legion was a simple one! They are the closest to pink I could get of all 18 to choose from. The boys wouldn't let me create my own hot pink and rainbow colored army and pretend they were the second legion (similar in colour to my amazing Eldar).

I have not put paint to brush for many years as I have been tied up with my own reinforcements and just been generally a busy bee - but to see the 30k hype here in Townsville and watching the games that Ty has LOST and put up on You Tube has inspired me to get involved again. Along with the genuine great group of people we play with.

I am still reading up on the Emperor's Children Legion and working out what to put in my army but to get started I have stolen some Tactical Marines, a medic and (as I'm told), a Master of Signals (he drops bombs or something??) but looks awesome out of Ty's stash - scrubbed them, assembled them and been show how to prime and base coat using an airbrush.

AIRBRUSH - the new love of my life.

These will take me a while as I want to ensure they look amaze-balls, so bear with me and keep an eye on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by



  1. Can never beat a good batch of Emperor's Children. Keep it coming.

  2. Already have enough there to beat Ty, right?

  3. oh fantastic, a fellow child of the emperor, :)

    Cheers, best of luck!