Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Horus Invitational - Gaming like a Sir!

A quick washup of our very successful 30k event held on 27 and 28 September in Townsville Queensland.

1000 Points - 16 Players
Hosted by the crazy muppets here at TTH and our mates at AGIF.

The main purpose behind the event apart from taking our regular opportunity to raise money for our favourite charity SOLDIER ON, was to get a bucket load of our mates in the one place in the one time to have fun and roll those dice.

We are very lucky to have such a tight knit community of gamers through our friendship networks and our main gaming group - WW40k Australia. We opted to make this event an invite only event so that we could treat our friends to a fantastic weekend with a gentlemanly twist in order to thank them for their on going support and enthusiasm with the hobby that we all love and enjoy!

All in all we managed to raise about $800. This was a monster effort due to the small group and has ensured that we hit our yearly target early of $2500 towards Team ADFWGA - our affiliate gaming group and their pledge to help out our Soldier On mates.

The full results are available HERE with a great effort put in by all.

A very special thanks must go out to Ben Clarke - without this buggers help behind the scenes the event would never had gotten off the ground with both myself and the "A Galaxy in Flames" crew inundated with other unavoidable commitments.

A second round of thanks must go to the ladies (Tam, Hanna, Georgina and Adelaide). All of the ladies that helped out are either currently gaming or about to start! They gave up their chance to participate to ensure that our bellies and drinks were full for the entire day - from the Champagne breakfast all the way through to dinner!

Last but not least a thanks must also go to our mate Peps and Strutty. Peps was good enough to place his green ork horde down for the day to do our data crunching and abuse and make fun of all the players when luck did not go their way. Strutty arrived with his camera gear in tow and took a heap of great pictures of minis and the event. When he finishes all his editing we will bung them up here for all to see so keep an eye out. Strutty was also good enough to keep the lads entertained between rounds and beers with some tunes on his bagpipes.

Rather than upload a million pictures here please subscribe to our YOU TUBE channel and Facebook page and watch the video montage below. It was a bloody good day!!

Cheers and good gaming


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