Friday, 19 December 2014

SPEED PAINTING - US Army 28mm Warlord Games Plastics

G'day all,

DISCLAIMER - by no means am I a pro-painter. I am way to impatient to spend the time improving my skills. Due to not being able to stand running my minis on a table unpainted I am usually pretty good at finding a quick, functional and reasonable way of getting minis to a playable standard - FAST.

Here is how I smashed out 1000 points of US Army (about 45 men) for Bolt Action in 1 day and 2 night sessions (16 hours total).

Please excuse the phone pictures (I will make sure that I make an effort to give clearer pictures next time).

Step 1: Assemble, super glue sand to base and then once glue dry - undercoat/prime with Tan spray (I used a Tamiya brand paint form the local toy store).

Step 2: Brown Pants

Step 3: Green Helmet

Step 4: Light Green webbing/packs etc

Step 5: Skin

Step 6: Dark Brown rifle

Step 7: Metal working parts

Step 8: Dark Brown Base

Step 9: Liberal all over wash (inc base). Dont forget to use a clean brush to remove any major excess if it occurs.

Step 10: Drybrush base and any tan parts of uniform that are too dark.

Thats it!!! I worked on a squad at a time as to not get too bored. I have about 3 more squads to finish for my second Platoon. Once done the bases will get some add flare in the way of leaves, flocks and grass tufts.

I hope this gets some of you motivated - you too can help end the grey plastic plague :)

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