Sunday, 25 January 2015

Inferno Campaign Event!

Hi guys,

I finally finished writing a narrative battle report for the Inferno campaign event from last weekend, once I'd re-hydrated my brain and got it functioning again.


The Campaign event was great fun, using the rules from Book 4 - Conquest. If you aren't using these rules in your gaming group or given them a go, have a read through the chapter in Book 4!

Here's some pics:

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sons of Horus and what every gamer wants............

No more models to assemble!!!!

Because that means we can head on out and get more!!!

I have had a busy few days in-between kids, holidays and attempting to teach my daughter how to use the xbox - assembling every piece of 30k in the house.

As a result we have the following additions all now assembled and undercoated on the painting desk.

World Eaters

20 Man Tactical Squad
10 Ravagers with Jump Packs
Missile Launcher Heavy Marine Squad
2 x Contemptors
Legion Glave Super Heavy
Melta Predator
Command Squad
8 Metal 40k Veterans (To swap into Legion Marine Squads for games of 40k - will allow me to run a proper Battle Company using the Marine Dex).
Selection of Heavy and Special weapon dudes in Mk2/3 and 4 armour (To make up 40k Tactical Squads with the metal vets)

Sons of Horus

Jump pack Primus Medicae
10 Reavers with Jump packs
Missile Launcher Heavy Marine Squad
1x Contemptor

Now im also looking to conserve a few dollars by sharing some vehicle - namely Drop Pods.

I am considering painting all of my drop pods (2 plastic and 1 Anvillus) a basic grey as if they were to be a standard colour across all the Legions. I figure it will allow me to use them with any of my armies and will mean I only need to buy a few more to make a fully fledged Orbital Assault Force.

I have also just finished getting the first 2k points of Sons of Horus done. I am still trying to improve my face/skin painting so consider Horus 90% done for now (needed to get him onto the table for a batrep).

Speaking of which you can enjoy their first game here in a what if scenario vs some 40k Deathwing.

Cheers for stopping by.