Saturday, 14 February 2015

Bolt Action Fever.......

I have caught it again.

Bolt Action fever...... and the only cure isn't more cowbell but more World War 2!

I was lucky enough to get time to head on down to our mate Vinnie's place this arvo for some WW2 action. I say lucky as Vinnie has some fantastic terrain and great minis to throw on the table. It was a British vs Germany affair somewhere in France.

This game was an intro style game as all of use were either rusty or new. However none the less a heap of fun was had and as usual I had some usual Ty style luck with my bloody Panther getting side shorted and blown up by the first dice rolls of the game :(

Anyways have a look at some pics from out game and straight after that be sure to head on over and see not only Vinnie's blog but his online shop as well - Links at the bottom.

Lonely Gamers Blog - LINK
Elite Miniatures - LINK

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