Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Eye of Horus Podcast

Hi guys,

Michael and I have started a Warhammer 30k Horus Heresy podcast!

It's a weekly endeavour, where we talk about new model releases, painting, modelling, background, rules, and do reviews of books and army lists, plus battle reports! We also have a community shout-out section where we list a bunch of upcoming tournaments and events.

You can listen to it on iTunes and Stitcher, or download the direct file from here. We're also on SoundCloud.

Without further ado,


Welcome to this weeks show! On this episode we have our regular new release section that should get you Mechanicum players excited if you haven't been keeping up to date.

Michael and I talk about our plans for running our drop site massacre campaign later in the year. This episode we reveal our initial army lists and talk about our forces themes and back grounds.

We had a lot of feed back from our segment about getting into 30k. To that end we take a look at the contents of book 1 Betrayal and help players new and old decide "Do I need this book?". And I go on a rant about the Ordo Reductor list until forced to stop due to sedation via med-automata.

Finally as always we wrap up with some shout outs, letters from you guys and our events segment.

Get all the episodes on iTunes here

SoundCloud link:

Find all our episodes in MP3 format here

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