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2015 ANZAC Cup and Youtube gallore...

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Apologies for not posting is some time. TTH30k has been flat chat not only recording videos on a range of systems including 30k, 40k, showcasing armies, Starwars Armada and Bolt Action, but more importantly been heavily involved in the 2015 ANZAC Cup - as 6 system gaming charity event - in which we either helped host or played - here is Australia on the 18th and 19th of April 2015.

First and quickly YOU TUBE.

We have soared past 2000 subscribers and are approaching 160k views over the last month or so. The support we have been getting has been overwhelming and very much appreciated. Like this blog; it was created as a means of keeping myself and a lot of the locals I game with motivated - and it working with all of us getting our head down and paint brush up to get painted armies on the table to play with or show off for your viewing pleasure and hopefully to aid in a little inspiration for those suffering from the hobby blues.

Have a look at the link - Subscribe and send us some feedback.

Over the coming months (4 to be accurate - curse you work!) the TTH30k/WW40k Australia gaming garage will be getting an uplift by way of new purpose build table and some trickery to aid us in getting better and more importantly steady footage of games and stuff being played.

Secondly and most importantly - the 2015 ANZAC Cup.

Most of the bloggers here at TTH30k were involved in this amazing event by way of participation or key event staff. I say amazing as to the best of our knowledge we helped host not only the biggest event that Brisbane (in SE QLD Australia) has run in many years but according to our feed back - the smoothest and most professional event seen in a long time as well.

But thats not the icing on the cake....

The ANZAC Cup is first and foremost a charity focused event run by the Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association (ADFWGA) to help our mates at Soldier On.

Half of the ANZAC Cup venue (40k, WHFB, Xwing and Infinity on this side).

The event raise $7700 in two days from the contributions of our 130 attendees getting involved in raffles and novelty events in between games throughout the weekend. A bloody great effort.

Games of 30k, 40k, WHFB, Infinity, Bolt Action and Xwing were played over the weekend by the band of enthusiastic players. Photos and event results can be found HERE on the ADFWGA Facebook page.

That wraps up a quick update of the what we have been up to of late here at TTH30k. The future is looking bright with a lot of us here busy with projects and event prep for the busy year ahead.

Myself (Ty) - am focusing on once of my childhood favourites - ROBOTECH.
Michael and Tim - are uber busy with their 30k armies and recording episodes of their PODCAST (Get on it ASAP - its awesome!).
Dean - is about to go full pelt with his 30k Blood  Angels now that he has acquired Macca's (from AGIF) Raven Guard to play with in the meantime.
Ben - Is actually half way through painting his Night Lords (we are just happy he has settled on a legion finally after so many false starts).
Tamara - Has her Emperor's Children on the go - very slowly but surely (Hoping for some updates over the next month as she recovers from a trip to the hospital).
David - Has been adding to his Iron Warriors - but getting him to post updates is like getting blood out of a stone - will will release the hounds!
Chazz - LAST but not least - has discovered Starwars Armada and has been doing some cool videos on the YOUTUBE Channel.

Cheers for stopping by.


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