Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Eye of Horus Podcast - Episode 09

It's good to be back!

Welcome back to episode 9! We hope you guys enjoyed our Mechanicum special while we were away.

This week we catch up on the last couple of weeks of news, releases and rumors. We also catch up on the questions and letters we've received since our last show.

This weekend was a big weekend for 30K, with three Horus Heresy events being run all over the world all on the one weekend. We got down to the Anzac Cup in Brisbane and took some photos of all the great armies there and met a whole lot of 30k players. This episode we take a look at the forces and talk about what the top armies were composed of, and found out what the new hotness is. The weekend also prompted a shake up of the Mount Rushmore of Primarchs. Listen in to find out who's in and who's been chiseled off the Mountain!

We hope you enjoy!

See all the armies from Anzac cup here.

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