Thursday, 21 May 2015

Blood angels HQ's (PT 1)

G'day lads Dean here.

After basically disappearing off the planet with work, life, etc (mostly video games) I decided it was time I posted once again. Somehow in the middle of watching 6-7 episodes of Supernatural last night I had the urge to build some Legion HQ's.

My 30k bloods are slowly but surely getting there, I've been active with other armies but they are slowly getting painted. Anyway today I'd like to focus on my various HQ choices I've started.

First up, the always important Praetor

Now I've tried to have a story/idea behind each of my characters and who they are in the Army. And for my Lead HQ choice the idea is simple, I really wanted my Praetor to say
"I am going to straight up murder your arse"
so I tried to get the most Red Thirst-y kind of casually stalking pose I could, to that end I used alot of the Lord Executioner model from 40k marines, a decent splattering of blood angel parts and a Sternguard head.
I plan on running him with a legion command squad with jump packs *cough* Sanguinary Guard *cough*

Secondly I've decided to run a Primus Medicae bascially as a 30k Sanguinius Priest

I started off wanting him to be a little bit fancy but not too fancy, still able to fit in with the rest of the Mk4 armoured army so I used a 40k plastic Sanguinius priest, Sang guard jump pack, axe and plasma pistol and Mk4 helm. I figured that since there is no Astorath yet, someone would have to deal with those that lost themselves to the red thirst and who better than the Priests, hence the executioners axe.
He'll most likely be running with my 15 man Assault squad for extra durability.

Next off the block is my Librarian

Now I did try to think, how would I represent a librarian in 30k. I mean for a large part of pre-heresy they were outlawed so he would only have recently been reinstated. To that end I decided to keep the armour to a minimum, so using Tactical mk4 parts with a few 40k blood parts and well as Grey knight plastics I tried to get it across that yes he is a librarian but a few years ago he could well have been a veteran sergeant in a line company.

Finally the end of my Pt 1 HQ's is my Master of Signals

Now as you can pretty much surmise by my choice of loadout my army is primarily assault based, being a drop pod list means ill be in the enemies grill from turn one and even the master of signals needs to be ready to get stuck into CC
That being said I was really happy to find so many older marks of armour in Blood angel plastics, Makes character building very easy when you can combine Forge world with 40k kits and still have them looking right. I tried to get all the Tech-y, scanner stuff I had onto one model but still enough blood angel stuff that he looks the part
So yes he is an Geek, but he can still rip your arms off :D

So that's it for now. Additionally I've started working on a Chaplain, Forge lord and with plans for a Vigilator. Because I like me some options, stay tuned for Part two sometime this year.



  1. Nice work Dean - welcome back :)

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    1. I think you've missed the point... ;-)

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