Monday, 22 June 2015

A trip down the Bayou 1

G'day All,

Rolfey here and I am going to be bringing you all some Warmachine/Hordes content on the page.

First off I have been war gaming for a number of years and this has been across a number of different game systems. I  play a few different games at the moment but Warmahordes(WM/H) is my main focus.
I also have in the following in the works:
Infinity - Ariadna Merovingian rapid reaction force (Woo french!)
30k - Questoris knights of House Terryn

But anyway back into the WM/H fun!

Currently I have a few armies on the run but for this post I will be showing off my newest addition to the fold. This army will be my prime focus and will be the force I will be taking to the many WM/H events I hope to attend.

As the title of the post hints at ladies and gents we are going to be taking a trip down the Bayou with the Blindwater Congregation - Also known as Gatormen!

So the Blindwater Congregation are a hordes minions pact that are all about the swamp, voodoo theme and getting into close combat.

Many models in the Gatormen army can use the souls or corpses of fallen living friendly or foe models to enhance abilities, reanimate the dead or power spells.

I have a few shots of the new arrived army and will be posting up progress shots as I work on the list.

Here is a close up of the Sacral Vault Battle Engine. This has to be my favorite model in the whole range it oozes theme and looks really cool on the field.

Who wouldn't want a massive stone voodoo alter being pushed by two huge gators.... including a crazy witch doctor on the top mid sacrifice.

Also a few rushed test WIP shots of some Gatormen Posse for you all until next time...

Anyway guys thanks for the visit and if there is any certain WM/H stuff you would like to see let me know and I will try and get it done. I also hope to be shooting and releasing some more battle reports.