Monday, 6 July 2015

A trip down the Bayou 2

G'day All,

Rolfey here and welcome back for more Warmachine/Hordes fun!

Today I am going to give some insight to the warlocks of Gatormen and the two I plan on running for my main lists.

Gatormen warlocks in general have pretty good defence stats, good feats and most cases well rounded and decent spell lists.

As I ultimately want to play in more 2 list master style events I have gone with the following warlocks.


The pseudo Gatormen bog trog warlock. He provides lots of hitting power to his army with the Fury(+Damage) spell and upkeep/focus stripping trident cannon. He also can provide protection with his feat and spells like Admonition and Inhospitable Ground. Last but not least a nice speed boost to models with Boundless Charge. Rask himself can be very frustrating for an enemy to assassinate with his Call to sacrifice [Bog Trog] (Woo shamblers). Rask is such a well rounded warlock I plan for him to be my go to guy for lots of match ups.... Just not Cryx....

Jaga-Jaga, The death charmer:

This lovely lady is master of all things death. She provides a good amount of flexibility to her army and can be list tailored very well, as such she is going to be my Cryx drop. Her spell list includes Spellpiercer(units gain magic weapons and blessed), Grave wind(Good Def buff), Ghost Walk(Pathfinder and walking through buildings) and Escort( A good ARM+Movement buff). Jaga-Jaga's feat is also very good vs troop heavy lists. The feat lets you take control of enemy troops when you kill them(effectively turning them into zombies) and gives you control of them for one round. This can mess up the other players plan because they can make free strikes, have a -2 ARM debuff and at the end of it all they are removed from play so they can not be brought back to the table.

So in the end this pair should be pretty interesting to run together and cover each others weakness's well.

I continue to paint my gator force up for the coming event and hope to make the deadline....

Few teaser WIP pics for you all until next time

Thanks again guys for the visit and support and I hope to continue to give you all some more gator loving updates. As always if you want to see any certain WM/H stuff be included just post below or send me a message.