Saturday, 26 December 2015

Time Out

G'day all,

2015 has been a very busy one for us here at TTH. We have had great success and heaps of fun making videos and filming battle reports that are hosted on the WW40k Australia Youtube channel.

This blog began as a way of helping motivate us to paint and play and it has done that and more. We are making a shift and merging our TTH efforts with WW40k to concentrate on videos and getting involved with the community via Facebook and by hosting events and travelling to others.

To keep upto date with what we are getting up to please head on over and see the links below.

Thanks for your support.

Cheers and good gaming.


Monday, 6 July 2015

A trip down the Bayou 2

G'day All,

Rolfey here and welcome back for more Warmachine/Hordes fun!

Today I am going to give some insight to the warlocks of Gatormen and the two I plan on running for my main lists.

Gatormen warlocks in general have pretty good defence stats, good feats and most cases well rounded and decent spell lists.

As I ultimately want to play in more 2 list master style events I have gone with the following warlocks.


The pseudo Gatormen bog trog warlock. He provides lots of hitting power to his army with the Fury(+Damage) spell and upkeep/focus stripping trident cannon. He also can provide protection with his feat and spells like Admonition and Inhospitable Ground. Last but not least a nice speed boost to models with Boundless Charge. Rask himself can be very frustrating for an enemy to assassinate with his Call to sacrifice [Bog Trog] (Woo shamblers). Rask is such a well rounded warlock I plan for him to be my go to guy for lots of match ups.... Just not Cryx....

Jaga-Jaga, The death charmer:

This lovely lady is master of all things death. She provides a good amount of flexibility to her army and can be list tailored very well, as such she is going to be my Cryx drop. Her spell list includes Spellpiercer(units gain magic weapons and blessed), Grave wind(Good Def buff), Ghost Walk(Pathfinder and walking through buildings) and Escort( A good ARM+Movement buff). Jaga-Jaga's feat is also very good vs troop heavy lists. The feat lets you take control of enemy troops when you kill them(effectively turning them into zombies) and gives you control of them for one round. This can mess up the other players plan because they can make free strikes, have a -2 ARM debuff and at the end of it all they are removed from play so they can not be brought back to the table.

So in the end this pair should be pretty interesting to run together and cover each others weakness's well.

I continue to paint my gator force up for the coming event and hope to make the deadline....

Few teaser WIP pics for you all until next time

Thanks again guys for the visit and support and I hope to continue to give you all some more gator loving updates. As always if you want to see any certain WM/H stuff be included just post below or send me a message.


Monday, 22 June 2015

A trip down the Bayou 1

G'day All,

Rolfey here and I am going to be bringing you all some Warmachine/Hordes content on the page.

First off I have been war gaming for a number of years and this has been across a number of different game systems. I  play a few different games at the moment but Warmahordes(WM/H) is my main focus.
I also have in the following in the works:
Infinity - Ariadna Merovingian rapid reaction force (Woo french!)
30k - Questoris knights of House Terryn

But anyway back into the WM/H fun!

Currently I have a few armies on the run but for this post I will be showing off my newest addition to the fold. This army will be my prime focus and will be the force I will be taking to the many WM/H events I hope to attend.

As the title of the post hints at ladies and gents we are going to be taking a trip down the Bayou with the Blindwater Congregation - Also known as Gatormen!

So the Blindwater Congregation are a hordes minions pact that are all about the swamp, voodoo theme and getting into close combat.

Many models in the Gatormen army can use the souls or corpses of fallen living friendly or foe models to enhance abilities, reanimate the dead or power spells.

I have a few shots of the new arrived army and will be posting up progress shots as I work on the list.

Here is a close up of the Sacral Vault Battle Engine. This has to be my favorite model in the whole range it oozes theme and looks really cool on the field.

Who wouldn't want a massive stone voodoo alter being pushed by two huge gators.... including a crazy witch doctor on the top mid sacrifice.

Also a few rushed test WIP shots of some Gatormen Posse for you all until next time...

Anyway guys thanks for the visit and if there is any certain WM/H stuff you would like to see let me know and I will try and get it done. I also hope to be shooting and releasing some more battle reports.


Thursday, 21 May 2015

Blood angels HQ's (PT 1)

G'day lads Dean here.

After basically disappearing off the planet with work, life, etc (mostly video games) I decided it was time I posted once again. Somehow in the middle of watching 6-7 episodes of Supernatural last night I had the urge to build some Legion HQ's.

My 30k bloods are slowly but surely getting there, I've been active with other armies but they are slowly getting painted. Anyway today I'd like to focus on my various HQ choices I've started.

First up, the always important Praetor

Now I've tried to have a story/idea behind each of my characters and who they are in the Army. And for my Lead HQ choice the idea is simple, I really wanted my Praetor to say
"I am going to straight up murder your arse"
so I tried to get the most Red Thirst-y kind of casually stalking pose I could, to that end I used alot of the Lord Executioner model from 40k marines, a decent splattering of blood angel parts and a Sternguard head.
I plan on running him with a legion command squad with jump packs *cough* Sanguinary Guard *cough*

Secondly I've decided to run a Primus Medicae bascially as a 30k Sanguinius Priest

I started off wanting him to be a little bit fancy but not too fancy, still able to fit in with the rest of the Mk4 armoured army so I used a 40k plastic Sanguinius priest, Sang guard jump pack, axe and plasma pistol and Mk4 helm. I figured that since there is no Astorath yet, someone would have to deal with those that lost themselves to the red thirst and who better than the Priests, hence the executioners axe.
He'll most likely be running with my 15 man Assault squad for extra durability.

Next off the block is my Librarian

Now I did try to think, how would I represent a librarian in 30k. I mean for a large part of pre-heresy they were outlawed so he would only have recently been reinstated. To that end I decided to keep the armour to a minimum, so using Tactical mk4 parts with a few 40k blood parts and well as Grey knight plastics I tried to get it across that yes he is a librarian but a few years ago he could well have been a veteran sergeant in a line company.

Finally the end of my Pt 1 HQ's is my Master of Signals

Now as you can pretty much surmise by my choice of loadout my army is primarily assault based, being a drop pod list means ill be in the enemies grill from turn one and even the master of signals needs to be ready to get stuck into CC
That being said I was really happy to find so many older marks of armour in Blood angel plastics, Makes character building very easy when you can combine Forge world with 40k kits and still have them looking right. I tried to get all the Tech-y, scanner stuff I had onto one model but still enough blood angel stuff that he looks the part
So yes he is an Geek, but he can still rip your arms off :D

So that's it for now. Additionally I've started working on a Chaplain, Forge lord and with plans for a Vigilator. Because I like me some options, stay tuned for Part two sometime this year.


Thursday, 14 May 2015


Episode 12 is here!

Welcome back to the show, and a special welcome if you're joining us for the first time.  Firstly, apologies on the tardiness of the show. We had a little technical problem the first time we recorded, so instead of releasing something we weren't happy with we re-recorded!

On this week’s show we review the slew of new Ultramarines releases in the lead up to Book 5: Tempest, we also have a look at the exciting video Forge World have released for said book!

We've changed up our format slightly this week to spend a bit more time going through the letters and feedback we get from you guys every week. Later in the show we take a look at the XVIII Legion the Salamanders. Is Vulkan's legion as hard as he is? Listen in to find out. As always we finish up with our 30k events section so check them out and get down there if you're in the area!

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Robotech RPG Tactics

Gday all,

My mate Spraggy and I have just time traveled back to when cartoons were good!

The 80's!!!

We just finished our first game of Robotech RPG Tactics and I must say what a refreshing game it was. We have both had our fires reignited for beer and pretzels cinematic gaming ,with both of us humming Robotech tunes and acting out cool stuff that happened while the game was in progress.

Spraggy and I had a crack at creating a very (and i stress very) rough - how to play video - showing some of the basic game mechanics and topped it off with a quick battle report.

Have a watch and see if this system is for you.

In the meantime here are a few pros and cons of what we have found so far.

  • Nostalgia and down right cool factor! - I mean who does not want to pilot a Veritech?
  • Simple D6 system with limited special rules - aiding in quick game flow.
  • Ingenious command point system to help you pull off some crazy results  - much like you see in the cartoons - Again! Who does not want to fly into a middle of a big pack of Battlepods in a Veritech, bit off more than they can chew and just whip it into Battleoid mode doing flips and spins blazing away with a gunpod to resolve said sticky situation?
  • Ability to use existing terrain sets - DZC buildings and 10/15mm scale terrain features (we cracked out some Flames hills and forests).
  • Easy army building system - makes use of core (big) and support (small) cards.
  • Minis are quite fiddly to put together and very time consuming. The building instructions are quite hard to use and the sprues are not labeled to aid in construction.
  • Some rules/stats are not available in the rule book (namely squadron points) this info is only found on the cards.
  • Lack of a summary sheet in the boxed game to aid in game referencing (We found a few fan made ones that are ok online).
  • Upkeep and record tracking will be very time consuming and hard without a robust system by players - especially in bigger games (We found it very hard to keep track of what pods were in each squadron and which Veritech was which). This will be easier once painted and the small lip on the back of the mini bases colour or number coded (or both).

Overall the PROS very much out weigh the CONS with this game. It has tournament potential, but with the small player base and how excited we get playing the game thanks to our childhoods - for now at least it will remain our beer and pretzels fun wargame staple!

Cheers for reading - as soon as we get the rest of the minis assembled expect some more!


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Episode 11 - Victory!

Welcome to episode 11!

Welcome one and all, and what a weekend it was! The weekend just gone saw us participate in the second part of the Inferno crusade, and, the Loyalists strike another savage blow for the Imperium!

This week Andrew from AUS30k, who flew all the way from Canberra to play joins us to take look at the fall out from the event! Andrew also has a special announcement about how all you, our listeners from around the world can have an effect on the out come of the Act of Heresy event being run next year!

Of course no episode would be complete with out all our regular new release, shout out, question and event segments.

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